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American Gods: Shadows #1

Mar 15, 2017

By staying true to its source material and retaining Gaiman's strong narrative voice, AMERICAN GODS #1 presents a stellar example of how to make an adaptation.

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Brave Chef Brianna #1

Mar 1, 2017

BRAVE CHEF BRIANNA #1 introduces a great role model for young women, but things get confusing when gentrification is thrown into the mix.

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Comic Book History of Comics #1

Nov 23, 2016

Although the updated version doesn't add much in terms of real content to the original series, THE COMIC BOOK HISTORY OF COMICS still holds up. Van Lente's historical account of a much loved medium is well-researched and approachable, with a healthy dose of humor. His writing coupled with Dunlavey's illustrations creates an informative and approachable history that should be considered essential reading for anyone with more than a passing interest in comics or art history. As comics continue to evolve, it's important to understand both where comics came from and how the medium has always responded to thegreater cultural forces surrounding it. The re-released version is worth picking up,for both those who have and have not read the original version.

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Forever War #1

Feb 15, 2017

Not only does THE FOREVER WAR #1 present a compelling beginning to a gritty science fiction story, but it does so with nuance. The layers of meaning to THE FOREVER WAR #1 make it's narrative just as relevant as ever. For both those who have read the source material and those who have not, THE FOREVER WAR #1 is definitely worth your time both as a fictional story and as an allegory for the futility of war.

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Gumballs #2

May 3, 2017

Genuine, funny, and poignant, GUMBALLS #2 explores the highs and lows of Erin Nations' life as he begins his transition.

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Jim Henson's The Storyteller: Giants #1

Dec 5, 2016

There is nothing particularly groundbreaking about THE STORYTELLER: GIANTS #1. In fact, its exactly what you'd expect it to be. That's kind of the point. Its tone is familiar and heartwarming, and its art is welcoming and beautiful. For Henson fans old and new alike, THE STORYTELLER: GIANTS #1 is an enjoyable, comforting read that effectively taps into this legendary artist's creativity and humor.

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Kim Reaper #1

Apr 5, 2017

Despite its slow start, KIM REAPER #1 has an amazingly cute concept and a ton of potential. Although Kim and Becka are not entirely convincing characters yet, Graley succeeds in making them relatable. Ultimately, the people who will like this comic know who they are. If you're obsessed with all things spooky, cute, and queer like I am, KIM REAPER is right up your alley.

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Little Nightmares #1

May 31, 2017

LITTLE NIGHTMARES #1 successfully expands the universe of the video game by introducing us to new characters with untold backstories. Simultaneously, the comic retains the game's air of mystery through its intelligent use of text. LITTLE NIGHTMARES #1 might not provide all the answers fans want, but it definitely contains a few tasty morsels for them to chew on.

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Our Cats Are More Famous Than Us #1

Mar 29, 2017

Hirsh and Ota understand that they don't need to toil to make life beautiful, only to capture this beauty as simply as possible. OUR CATS ARE MORE FAMOUS THAN US is a cute and joyous celebration of the not always perfect experiences of young adulthood, and the friends that help us survive them.

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Rock Candy Mountain #1

Mar 18, 2017

Witty dialogue, hobo action, and fantasy elements join forces in ROCK CANDY MOUNTAIN #1 to make a series that's not quite like anything you've read before.

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Savage #1

Nov 28, 2016

Despite the use of an extended flashback, we still can't say exactly where SAVAGE is heading in terms of the plot. However, judging from the quality of the writing and the visuals in the first issue, the creative team behind SAVAGE has a lot to offer. If you're a fan of dinosaurs or just a sucker for great art, SAVAGE #1 will sink its teeth into you and leave you wanting seconds.

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Savage #2

Dec 28, 2016

Overall, B. Clay Moore, Clayton Henry, and Lewis LaRosa, who are shaping up to be a creative dream team, once again deliver a strong entry in this limited series. The visuals in SAVAGE #2 maintain the high standard set in SAVAGE #1, as does the writing and pacing in general. SAVAGE is a visually powerful, compelling, and highly-nuanced series that everyone should be reading. If you haven't picked up the first issue yet, you seriously need to.

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Shadows On The Grave #1

Dec 14, 2016

Although SHADOWS ON THE GRAVE #1 is not a great introduction to Richard Corben's work, it does deliver what we've come to expect visually from this legendary artist. Corben's fans should be satisfied by this new content, even though it's lacking in terms of plot. For those looking for more Corben or just something spooky, SHADOWS ON THE GRAVE #1 is worth picking up.

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Winnebago Graveyard #1

May 30, 2017

WINNEBAGO GRAVEYARD #1 brilliantly engages both horror newbies and genre fanatics. It does so by presenting a compelling narrative with gorgeous art, while simultaneously playing homage to the genre as a whole.

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You Might Be An Artist If... #1

Feb 1, 2017

YOU MIGHT BE AN ARTIST IF... is a therapeutic to read for all creative thinkers. This book is the perfect gift for your one super artsy friend, to show them that you are at least trying to understand the creative struggle.

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