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Action Comics (2016) #989

Oct 31, 2017

This comic is revealing, but not, and that makes it appealing. I am very interested in seeing what happens in the next issue, even with this issue being the least favorite of mines from "Oz Effect". Jurgens just captures the real essence of the dark side of humanity.

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Superman (2016) #33

Oct 30, 2017

Yet another satisfying issue from Tomasi & Gleason, as they continue to prove they can give us wonderful Superman stories. Mahnke & Mendoza continue to have exceptional art from panel to panel. I love the family dynamic in Rebirth for Supes, but having Jon and Lois on Apokolips is considerably extreme, (when is it not? Dinosaurs & eradicator moon battle, etc.) But will be interesting to see what happens to both of them during the story. Any DC comic readers interested in knowing if there will be a corrupt Lex Luthor return should jump on, as I believe this story will be perceptive as to whom Lex Luthor really is. Imperius Lex arc promises an epic concept but we will have to stay tuned to see if it follows through.

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