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2000AD #1368

Nov 27, 2003

Not 2000ADs strongest issue. You can sense Rebellion getting ready for special Prog 2004 at Christmas (and based on previous years it will be well worth the wait). Still, Caballistics gets my vote for most improved strip of 2003, and there's some nice work to admire, particularly from James Steven. Buy it and see tomorrow's Vertigo stars now. Besides, it deserves your support for nurturing upcoming talent (and if you don't believe me just wait until Si Spurrier hits the US shores). As I said, even when it's not in a great run, theres always a change just a few weeks away.

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2000AD #1369

Dec 5, 2003

As mentioned before, 2000AD is treading water at the moment until Prog 2004. However, it still boasts some experimental artwork from Siku and two of the most promising new writers in the business with Simon Spurrier and Jamie Stevens. Any single comic containing all these elements deserves the support of comic lovers everywhere. The low bullet marking is due to comparison past issues of 2000AD and should not be seen as detrimental to the comic itself. If I seem harsh in my comments, it's only because 2000AD has, in the past, set very high standards, which they have started to reach again during the Rebellion era. We should rejoice that such work is available every week!

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Ruse: Archard's Agents #1

Nov 16, 2003

Two years ago CrossGen were putting out books that were the model of what mainstream comics should be. Never really revolutionary, they were nonetheless great-looking with solid stories. However, if you take my advice you will avoid this book and remember how they used to beand hope this is a one-off.

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The Drowners #1

Jan 22, 2004

What can I say? This is a wonderful comic. Any aspiring comic creators out there would do well to get hold of this and study it to learn how to do comics. Seemingly effortlessly told, it is as close to perfection as is possible. I had only read one issue of Exit by Nabiel Kanan (which was great but I was never able to get hold of any other issues) before reading about this, so I ordered one of his previous strips, Lost Girl, when I ordered The Drowners. Now Lost Girl was a thing of beauty, an intelligent tale wonderfully told. I would unreservedly recommend it. However, the difference between that and The Drowners is incredible. You owe it to yourself to get this comic - in a few years time when knowledgeable people are discussing the best comics in the first half of this decade, The Drowners will be up there. Miss out now and you'll kick yourself forever. If you can't get it from your local shop then contact Page45. Just don't tell them about this review!!!

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The Goon #4

Jan 7, 2004

Need I say anymore than this is extremely funny, with artwork that Will Eisner would be proud of (and if you don't know if this is a compliment or not I suggest you stop reading RIGHT NOW and go pick up a copy of A Contract with God and get some education on this particular artistic field you're so intersted in!) Still with me? Good, that means we've got rid of all the ignorant ones (you know the ones, they think Jim Lee is the greatest artist in comics and Eddie Campbell can't draw). All the buffoons are gone and it's just us. You know your comics. I don't need to tell you to buy this because only one of the aforementioned fools will ignore this comic. Just pick this up - if you could afford to buy the (frankly pre-adolescent) JLA/Avengers then you can afford this. trust me, your life will be much, much richer for it.

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