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Batwoman (2017) #17

Jul 22, 2018

Batwoman #17 is teasing the return of the relationship between Kate Kane and Renee Montoya, however, the Clock King plotline serves as a backdrop for this. The issue feels a little rushed and is desperately trying to tie things up since there are only 2 issues left. If you enjoy the romance between Kate and Renee than this issue is for you. Just don't dig super deep into a flimsy plot. It's all about teasing the romance.

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DC Nation (2018) #0

May 7, 2018

DC Nation #0 is a little gem and for 25 cents (or free on Comixology) you have really no reason to not give it a shot. It's an ambitious layout for the future of the DC line and it pulls it off really well.

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Lois Lane (2019) #1

Jul 11, 2019

Lois Lane #1 is the engrossing first chapter of what is sure to be a gritty and nuanced neo-noir comic.

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Red Sonja/Tarzan #1

May 14, 2018

Red Sonja and Tarzan #1 is a character-driven introduction to what promises to be a brutal, emotional, and amazing crossover. If you love Sonja or Tarzan or both this a must read.

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Skyward (2018) #1

Apr 29, 2018

Skyward #1 provides a new and interesting take on the post-apocalyptic genre and thelight-hearted tone doesn't negate the danger that still exists in that world. Henderson andGarbett craft a memorable issue. I adored every panel and I really look forward to what thefuture holds. If you want a new series to pick up Skyward is for you.

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Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #20

Jun 1, 2018

Doctor Aphra #20 is a filler issue but is still an interesting one that definitely sets up a pretty big event for the next issue.

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Supergirl (2016) #21

Aug 10, 2018

Supergirl #21 spirals out of Man of Steel's story, but Andreyko sets up a plan to make it uniquely Kara's story as opposed to an offshoot of Clarks. Absolutely worth picking up.

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Wonder Woman (2016) #45

Apr 30, 2018

Wonder Woman #45 is a decent wrap up to a pretty intense arc and the art pairs well with the emotionally charged nature of the issue. Now that the family drama has, seemingly, come to a close, it'll be interesting to see where it all goes from here.

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Wonder Woman (2016) #46

May 10, 2018

I'm still not a huge fan of Robinson's Wonder Woman or this whole Jason thing, but this issue does give me a little hope. Bringing back fan-favorite villains like Cale and Cheetah really makes this issue feel like Wonder Woman's book again. As usual, any misgivings I have about Robinson's script are made up for with absolutely stellar art.

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Wonder Woman (2016) #47

May 23, 2018

Wonder Woman #47 is another issue where the art makes the book. Segovia is an absolute treasure and DC needs to take notice. Robinson is really onto something with The Dark Gods and I am interested to see more.

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Wonder Woman (2016) #48

Jun 14, 2018

I hate to say it, but Wonder Woman #48 is skippable. Merino's art is pretty damn good, but it's a bad script.

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Wonder Woman (2016) #49

Jun 27, 2018

Wonder Woman #49 is a complete miss. The art is amazing as always but Robinson's script just burns the whole thing down.

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Wonder Woman (2016) #50

Jul 12, 2018

Wonder Woman #50 is an unremarkable end to an unremarkable run. Mediocre villains serve as a boring backdrop to an issue that really misses its mark during the emotional high points.

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Wonder Woman (2016) #51

Jul 26, 2018

Wonder Woman #51 is probably one of the best Wonder Woman single issues I've read in a long long time. I adore the Golden Age so it's always amazing to see bits of that history reinvented and brought to a modern audience. The script is complemented so well with gorgeous covers by Artgerm and Frison and capped off with stunning interiors by Braga. I don't give perfect 10s often but this is absolutely deserving of one.

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Wonder Woman (2016) #53

Aug 22, 2018

Wonder Woman #53 is an action-packed and visually stunning issue. Orlando continues to bring his A-Game to this book, writing the best Diana since Rucka and is backed up by fantastic art, colors, and letters.

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Wonder Woman (2016) #54

Sep 14, 2018

Tension is high as Diana and Artemis successfully rescue Atalanta. Feelings are conflicted between the Amazons of Themyscira and the Amazons of Bana-Mighdall. A beautifully written issue. The emotional conflicts did not feel cheap.

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