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Bloom Into You #3

Mar 25, 2019

With the third volume, Bloom Into You continues to be a highly entertaining and refreshing yuri manga with a more grounded and realistic take on relationships in general, while showing that the genre can take same-sex relationships seriously when it tries. With great character work and well-executed story, this has hooked me in for the long run and I cant wait to read what happens next.

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Orient (2021) #1

Apr 8, 2021

Overall, despite some of the generic character designs, the first volume of Orient is a solid start. The story and character motivations are good, the designs of the demons are fantastic, and the battles against them are pretty solid action sequences. If it can continue with these and build up its characters a bit more, then this could turn out to be a pretty decent entry in the shonen action genre.

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Super Mario Manga Mania OGN

Mar 31, 2021

Overall, Super Mario Manga Mania is a bit of a weird release. Taking it at face value as a collection of comics adapting iconic moments of the Mario games shows it to be very hit-and-miss with an unclear focus on who this release is actually aimed at. If you are a fan of the Mario games and open to trying something different then there is stuff to enjoy here, and the inclusion of the authors personal experience at the back of the book really opens it up; however, a more general manga reader may have a much harder time getting into it.

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The Misfit of Demon King Academy #1

May 28, 2020

Overall, volume one of The Misfit of Demon King Academy is very much an introduction, setting up the characters and the world around them. Theres nothing particularly special or gripping about it so far, but the class divide between the demons is clearly the main hook of the story and gives it something to differentiate it from other similar works or from it just being a power fantasy. It definitely needs more time to stew and flesh out some of its other elements which makes it hard to recommend as a single volume; yet if it continues down its current path the series could make for an interesting read further down the line.

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