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Batman (2016) #8

Oct 5, 2016

Batman #8 doesnt move the plot of this crossover along much and probably wont change the mind of any crossover haters out there. However, where it succeeds is in the art department and its sharp insight into Batman and his crew and how they operate. They don't break new ground but, like Batman, they work exceptionally well with what theyve got.

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Flash: Rebirth (2016) #1

Jun 15, 2016

New readers are given enough backstory to at least understand who Barry Allen is, and long-time fans get to delve into a side of The Flash not often explored, specifically his relationship with his father and Allens role as an investigator. But what starts out as a thrilling mystery story, not usually associated with this character, fizzles out into a lackadaisical and shoehorned summary. It is a missed opportunity to hit the ground running with a new story arc. The vibrant colors and eye-catching panels are certainly the star of this book and carry the reader through even the second half.

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