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Absolute Carnage (2019) #4

Oct 21, 2019

In "Absolute Carnage" #4 there is no respite from the terror, no moment of quiet. With so much noise, the spaces for contemplation are few and far between.

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Archie Halloween Spectacular: 2019 #1

Oct 7, 2019

"Archie Halloween Spectacular" is a good-humored and timeless take on the chaos of Halloween, even though there are some pesky cobwebs on a few of the pages.

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Forever Maps #1

Sep 23, 2019

"The Forever Maps" #1 is a rugged story, but character tropes dull that edge

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Going to the Chapel #2

Oct 28, 2019

"Going to the Chapel" #2 is a marriage of Millennial madness and Shakespearean subversion, with exciting writing, current themes, and atmospheric art.

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