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Excellence #1

May 9, 2019

Overall, the foundation of Excellence #1 is well built and kudos for Image & Skybound for once again releasing something that's off the beaten path. I did enjoy it and am curious as to where Brandon Thomas will take the series in its first few story arcs. The only real criticism I had is that the issue was all about brick laying and not so much about hooking us, it just could have used a little more bite. While it wasn't among the most exciting issue #1's I have read, I'm still very much keen to see what this creative team has to give.

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FCBD 2019: Bloodshot #1

Apr 28, 2019

I'd suggest picking up Bloodshot this FBCD, especially if you're keen to see what to expect from Vin Diesel's cinematic debut in the Valiant universe next year. Bloodshot #1 will hit stands this fall, while Fallen World #1 is available now.

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