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Batwoman #23

Aug 27, 2013

I'll say this again, I absolutely love the character of Kate Kane/Batwoman, but this series is not doing it for me. Something needs to change. It needs a new writer, and it needs J.H. Williams III back on art.

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Pretty Deadly #1

Oct 24, 2013

Pretty Deadly is an intense book that manages to introduce a lot of moods, feelings, and story ideas into its debut. Its unquestionably high quality work, and I like that the story tries to do interesting things structurally and narratively, even if the sum doesnt quite measure up. It shows ambition and love, and I cant wait to read the next issue.

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Sheltered #3

Sep 6, 2013

I felt lukewarm about the debut issue, but Sheltered is quickly becoming one of the books from Image that I most look forward to. Bring on that civil war!

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Southern Bastards #5

Oct 30, 2014

Now that we know a little bit more about Coach Boss, and the table has been set, Im really excited for what will hopefully be a big next issue. Bring the pain, Berta!

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Ten Grand #4

Aug 21, 2013

-What happened to that mystical rock thing that let Joe talk to dead people? It exploded in #3 and everyone acted like it was kind of a big deal, but then it wasnt mentioned at all this issue. Whered that go?

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The Fade Out #2

Oct 1, 2014

But really, everything about this comic should interest you. It's a comic by two creators at the pinnacle of their game, telling a story which is clearly important to them. With so much detail and information already available in this issue, I can't wait to see where the story goes. I've read a lot of Brubaker comics, and I know that he doesn't include information which doesn't directly inform the story, even if I don't yet know how. And I can't wait to see what happens next.

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The Fade Out #3

Nov 18, 2014

Issue number four can't come soon enough, and be it either more information on the murder or further character/world building, I am totally on board.

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The Wake #3

Aug 3, 2013

The Wake is one of those books that makes me glad that Im not waiting for the trade. Each individual issue has so far been an expertly crafted piece of art, making the wait between issues bittersweet; I cant wait to dive back in a read #3 again, but I know its going to make the wait a whole lot harder.

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