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Batman: The Dark Knight (2011) #16

Feb 5, 2013

If you want a Batman comic with a lot of action, some gory violence and strong art that operates completely independently from the larger machinations of Death in the Family look no further than Batman: The Dark Knight #16.

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Justice League #16

Jan 29, 2013

All in all I liked this issue, it may have lost a little steam since last month but Reiss art is entertaining enough to carry the book where it needs it. Yes this is a very good issue but I cant help feeling for one of DCs flagship books Its still missing something. It not bad in any sense but I just feel its missing a little more bite or depth somewhere. Hopefully Throne of Atlantis and the expansion can deliver this missing element soon.

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Nightwing (2011) #16

Jan 28, 2013

What makes this a legitimately worthy tie in to Death in the Family is that it could easily just be a Nightwing story all on its own. This story has the freedom to be its own while still strongly affiliates with the main script over in Batman. This two part tie in is almost completely accessible without having read any of the other crossover books or even any prior Nightwing in this run. This story arc does arrive at the finish line just in time with the other Death in the Family books, to set up its conclusion in Batman # 17.

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Star Wars: Purge - The Tyrant's Fist #2

Jan 21, 2013

Overall PurgeThe Tyrants Fist tells an interesting tale of Vader learning the skills that hell need to master to become the powerful overlord weve come to know from the Star Wars movies. While not a must read, it certainly warrants a read from even the passive Star Wars fan. Purge may not surpass Ghost Prison, But it certainly belongs alongside it.

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