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Batwoman (2010) #0

Nov 28, 2010

In two parallel narratives, Batman watches Batwoman going through her paces . . . but will he find her worthy?

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DC Universe Legacies #1

May 25, 2010

* Not only did Holyoke publish a character who obviously started at DC, they had other characters with eerily familiar names: The Blue Beetle, Ragman, Catman and Kitten, Golden Archer, and Mr. Miracle. Its almost like Holyoke was publishing a parallel Earth version of DCs past and future characters.

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Legion of Super-Heroes (2004) #38

Jan 28, 2008

Shawn: So am I. As weve examined this initial story, Ive come to realize just how much is packed into these two issues. I initially found an inept Garth and a crushing bureaucracy to be clichd aspects, but youve discussed several ways these elements could be deepened and expanded upon. I think Shooter is more than capable of doing that and much more besides. Perhaps hes quite wise to start off his run with solid-if-somewhat-conventional plot threads as a basis that will be expanded in the months to come.

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The Warlord #4

Jul 13, 2009

Im just glad that I can say that Mike Grell is every bit as competent of a writer now as he was 30 years ago--perhaps even more competent--and his covers show he is still a very good illustrator, too.

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