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Captain America (2004) #609

Aug 27, 2010

I'm looking forward to the end of this arc, and hoping against hope that Steve will take his shield back after Bucky goes on trial in the next one. If the book continues in this direction, I may just have to get my Cap fixes from trades and back issues in the future.

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Secret Six Vol. 2 #25

Sep 4, 2010

Not the strongest issue ever, but still an entertaining one. Both sets of Secret Six teams vs. dinosaurs (and possibly each other?) Yes please!

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Wonder Woman (2006) #602

Aug 25, 2010

Not a terribly strong issue. JMS is going to need to execute a lot more character development, and build some stronger relationships between Diana and the other characters if he expects us to care about any of them (or buy the idea that Diana cares about them.) Still, the book ended on a strong enough note that I'm interested in what may be coming next. "Let's pray that includes a strong script, and more focused artwork.

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X-Files/30 Days of Night #2

Aug 24, 2010

This was a brilliant crossover idea and, at two issues in, has so far been executed very well indeed. Niles, Jones and Mandrake do an excellent job of capturing the old "X-Files" feeling, and (I'm sure) will jump right back into the vampire action next issue. An absolute must read for fans of The X-files or 30 Days of Night; anyone else may well find a good time and fun story here, but it would hardly be considered required monthly reading.

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