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Ant-Man (2020) #1

Feb 5, 2020

Overall, World Hive #1 sets its tone immediately with an action-packed opening and keeps consistent humor throughout that makes it an enjoyable read. Weaving in Scott Lang's insecurities about fighting crime with his daughter, cementing his place as a legitimate superhero and whether he can face new villains by himself is a great start for what looks to be a promising series.

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Ant-Man (2020) #5

Jun 17, 2020

Ultimately, Ant-Man #5 is filled with action that while it could be construed as gratuitous, serves as a good plot device to provide quality comedy between the father and daughter combo.

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Batman (2016) #88

Feb 5, 2020

Although the mystery of who "The Designer" is didn't make much headway, Batman #88 reveals enough to leave readers satisfied with the story progression and includes an action scene involving Batman, Deathstroke and the Penguin with a shocking end. Throw in a surprise villain entrance and a classic Lucius Fox moment and the latest issue of Batman ends up being a solid addition to what has been a great run so far.

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Captain Marvel (2019) #5

May 28, 2020

Sweeney Boo's art is what drives home Captain Marvel's emotions of disbelief at her current situation, Van Dyne's constant positive outlook and other character's reactions. The issue is incredibly bright and colorful which is fitting when dealing with the shrunken world the Wasp is used to. 

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King of Nowhere #1

Mar 5, 2020

Finally, the issue ends with a mysterious villain that says and does just enough to convince the reader to return to the second issue even if they are a little skeptical over the radically out there story. The best compliment King of Nowhere #1 has earned through its first issue is its originality. If you are a fan of "out there" stories with unique artwork, King of Nowhere is the comic for you.

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