Batman #88

Writer: James Tynion IV Artist: Guillem March Publisher: DC Comics Release Date: February 5, 2020 Cover Price: $3.99 Critic Reviews: 26 User Reviews: 50
7.9Critic Rating
7.9User Rating

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The conspiracy that will rock Batman's world continues to unfold as the Dark Knight travels to Arkham Asylum to get answers from the Penguin! What dark secret does he share with The Joker, the Riddler, and...Catwoman? Plus, the plague of assassins descending upon Gotham City in its weakest moments continues! Will this be the moment when Deathstroke finally takes down Batman?!

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    DC Comics News - Derek McNeil Feb 5, 2020

    It looks like Tynion's run on Batman may prove to be as much as a classic as King's was before it. Batman #88 has made it clear that with Tynion and March writing the book, we can expect some superb Batman stories in the months ahead. Read Full Review

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    Horror DNA - James Ferguson Feb 16, 2020

    Batman is embracing darkness like never before. There are many moving parts in the storyline so far as all of these elements begin to build and build. I'm full of anticipation as we see each piece come into place for this giant macabre picture. From the looks of things, we're just getting started. Read Full Review

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    Comics: The Gathering - Wes Greer Feb 5, 2020

    I really can’t speak any higher of this issue. If I could rate it an eleven out of ten, I would in a heartbeat. I am so thrilled with the decisions DC has made of putting this new creative team together and it makes me so happy to get this much excitement from Batman because it has been lacking for some time now. Batman #88 is available now, so please go pick it up ASAP and make it the first issue you read as soon as you get home! Let me know what you guys think of the issue and Tynion and anything else you want to add into my review by going to the comments section below! Until next time, Read Full Review

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    Lyles Movie Files - Jeffrey Lyles Feb 5, 2020

    While the loss of Alfred still stings, Tynion has carved out a unique role for Lucius Fox without making it seem like hes simply replacing Batmans faithful ally.Guillem March is rising to the challenge of handling the art in this arc. He still finds the occasional cheesecake pose for Catwoman and Cheshire, but overall hes capturing the intensity and urgency this storyline demands. Tomeu Moreys colors play out the various settings of this issue from Riddlers computer screen hued lair to the rainy cemetery Catwoman visits. Read Full Review

  • 9.7
    The Brazen Bull - Charlie Chipman Feb 5, 2020

    It's been some time since I have been this invested in a Batman story and, I'm sure, the best is still to come. Batman (2016-) #88 is another stunning, must-read issue. Read Full Review

  • 9.5
    The Super Powered Fancast - Deron Generally Feb 5, 2020

    Guillem March delivers some beautiful, brutal and dynamic art throughout this issue. The characters and action look amazing and there are some stunning panels that deliver real jolts of potential fear for the characters. Even the reveals are done dramatically in panels filled with gorgeous detail. Read Full Review

  • 9.0
    Geek Dad - Ray Goldfield Feb 5, 2020

    Guillem March's art has improved a lot, although he still has elements of the cheesecake style he had on the Sirens " and fans of that series will be very glad to see the last page. Three issues in, I am fully invested in this mystery. Read Full Review

  • 8.2
    Comic Watch - Cody White Feb 6, 2020

    Batman #88(Tynion IV, March, Morey, Cowles) continues to develop the mystery of the new (old?) foe, The Developer. Read Full Review

  • 8.0
    But Why Tho? - Lizzy Garcia Feb 5, 2020

    Batman #88 amps up the pacing of the story arc. A lot happens in this issue, that I don't want to spoil, as Batman and Catwoman's storylines begin to connect. Tynion's excellent storytelling ability is finally coming out in the series as we move past everything that was leftover from King's run. That being said, the stand out winner of the issue is Morey's colors. His ability to create vibrancy while keeping Gotham dingy and dark is impressive. Fans of the Dark Knight who might have left the series should definitely jump back in. Read Full Review

  • 8.0 - Nicole Drum Feb 5, 2020

    The third issue of James Tynion IV's Batman has arrived and while the previous two issues have been a bit difficult, Tynion genuinely finds his footing in Batman #88. Read Full Review

  • 8.0
    Henchman-4-Hire - Sean Ian Mills Feb 8, 2020

    The mysteries and excitements go up a notch as this story deepens and expands. Read Full Review

  • 8.0
    On Comics Ground - Travis Tucker Feb 10, 2020

    Tynion definitely has me really wanting more and more of this arc every issue. This is exactly where Bruce needs to be, and despite my skepticism, I'm growing in excitement with each issue. Read Full Review

  • 8.0
    Outright Geekery - Brian Wayne Feb 13, 2020

    DC Comics flagship title is in good hands. Read Full Review

  • 8.0
    Critical Blast - RJ Carter Feb 8, 2020

    James Tynion IV's sprawling epic, "Their Dark Designs," carries with it echoes of the classic "Hush" storyline, aided by some stunning artwork from Guillem March. It's the kind of story that touches every character in Batman's world, and every rogue in his gallery of villains. Read Full Review

  • 8.0
    Multiversity Comics - Alexander Jones Feb 10, 2020

    "Batman" #88 comes out of the shadow of the previous run and proves that Tynion and March can collaborate exceptionally well on DC's flagship series. Read Full Review

  • 8.0
    The Batman Universe - Scott Waldyn Feb 5, 2020

    This issue is a fast-paced, action-adventure romp thats gorgeous, fun, and exciting to read. It breathes renewed life into Batman in a way we havent seen in awhile, echoing a Dennis ONeil/Norm Breyfogle style in story and art that feels oddly refreshing. Read Full Review

  • 8.0
    Graphic Policy - Brett Feb 5, 2020

    Batman #88 is a solid piece of the puzzle. It teases out so much that spells drama's coming but in the end it'll be judged as to how this arc sticks the landing. As a single issue, it's entertaining and can be a starting point for new readers which is impressive a few issues in. It has us wanting to see where this all goes which is a solid accomplishment. To get us to want to read more, then a comic has done its job in entertaining. Read Full Review

  • 8.0
    Dark Knight News - Max Byrne Feb 5, 2020

    A thoroughly entertaining issue and a real page turner, Batman #88 is another very strong entry into Bat-canon. With more rogues than anybody could wish for, the book is fully loaded. Where we go from here remains to be seen and I truly hope that the reveal of The Designer lives up to the build up. Based on what we've had so far, hope springs eternal that it's going to be something very special and well worth investing your time and money in. Read Full Review

  • 7.5
    GWW - Tad Desai Feb 5, 2020

    Although the mystery of who "The Designer" is didn't make much headway, Batman #88 reveals enough to leave readers satisfied with the story progression and includes an action scene involving Batman, Deathstroke and the Penguin with a shocking end. Throw in a surprise villain entrance and a classic Lucius Fox moment and the latest issue of Batman ends up being a solid addition to what has been a great run so far. Read Full Review

  • 7.0
    Monkeys Fighting Robots - Jose "Jody" Cardona Feb 5, 2020

    While it continues to promise exciting development for the future, this issue is anything but exciting. Read Full Review

  • 6.5
    Comic Book Revolution - Kevin Lainez Feb 10, 2020

    There are certain aspects where James Tynion is able to excel in Batman #88. The way he portrays Batman, Catwoman, Riddler and Lucius Fox shows why Tynion's has a solid handle on this world. Unfortunately the storyline around the Designer and his plans for Gotham City have left a lot to desired. There are a lot of little problems that combine together to drag the overall interest in Tynion's first story arc on Batman down. Read Full Review

  • 6.5
    Weird Science - Dan Mayhoff Feb 5, 2020

    While Batman continues to give us a large exposition dump, Tynion seems to have reigned it in a little bit as we are also treated to some great action scenes and get some of the first twists and turns of the story. Slowly we are getting answers about what's really going on in Gotham and we are getting exciting storytelling in the moments in between. Still plenty of room for improvement but a decent issue and I'm interested in seeing where Tynion will take us. Read Full Review

  • 6.0
    Batman-News - Joshua McDonald Feb 5, 2020

    Tynion and March continue to deliver solid work, but they both seem to be so preoccupied with checking off so many different elements with Batman that I'm not sure if they're completely focused on simply telling a good story. Again, there's plenty to enjoy here, but I can't quite say that it's quality. If I were to compare it to food, I'd say this is more like fast food than a home-cooked meal. Read Full Review

  • 6.0
    AIPT - Arbaz M. Khan Feb 5, 2020

    The fascinating aspects of this issue were seeing a clash of intention versus execution. Whilst Tynion has written certain characters to be human beings the art style offers its own bipolar take on Tynion's writing. Read Full Review

  • 5.0
    Newsarama - Pierce Lydon Feb 6, 2020

    While Tom King's run may have leaned heavily into metaphor, it doesn't seem like Tynion has quite found his voice with this run yet, and the result is an adventure that feels like a boilerplate approach rather an essential one. Read Full Review

  • 5.0
    Forces Of Geek - Lenny Schwartz Feb 7, 2020

    The story is all over the place and had nothing really special about it. I do like the art but March doesn't get a lot of action to draw except for one extremely abbreviated fight scene. This title needs more life put into it. Read Full Review

  • 7.5
    Nihilist Feb 5, 2020

    I feel like I should be more excited about this issue than I actually am. Maybe it's the comic, or maybe I just have a bad day, but either way I couldn't really get into it, get invested in the story and appreciate the groundwork Tynion is laying down for events to come and mysteries to unravel. It's all fine, nothing's missing, nothing's lacking, but while it is an entertaining read, I don't think it leaves a mark on you. It's like your typical action movie - it's fun while it lasts, and then you just move on, get interested in omething, anything else.

  • 9.0
    M1sf1r3 Feb 5, 2020

    I've been loving Tynion's Batman so far so let's see how he goes on this issue.

    The Good:
    I like the conspiracy with The Designer and how the four players of Penguin, Joker, Riddler and Catwoman come into play.

    The end is interesting.

    Love the tech.

    March's art is great.

    The Bad:

    Another great issue from Tynion.

  • 6.0
    myconius Feb 5, 2020

    really beautiful art, but the story is just not grabbing me.

    this just feels like it's trying way too hard.

  • 8.5
    Linkush Feb 5, 2020

    Damn, that was intense.

    This time around I don't have anything bad to say except that the art was a bit inconsistent. But even then, I still enjoyed it.

    Anyways, this issue was pretty good and I liked a lot of things about it:

    I liked how the scenes with Catwoman felt as they came out of a Horror movie.

    Catwoman is apparently involved with The Joker, Riddler, and Pinguin which makes for an interesting twist.

    The new "Portable Batmobile" gadget was one of the coolest gadgets I've seen in a Batman comic in a long time.

    The dynamics between Batman and Lucius Fox are super entertaining.

    The way Tynion is building up The Designer is fascinating. It's intense, mysterio more

  • 8.5
    TheHyruleElf Feb 5, 2020

    Probably the strongest chapter so far. I'm interested in this secret deal the villains made with The Designer.

  • 8.5
    EDiakota Feb 8, 2020

    " You haven't been just catwoman for a long, long time. Just a pale reflection from the wrong side of the mirror. "

  • 8.5
    Dark Knight Comic Fan Feb 15, 2020

    The Dark Designs of The Designer continues in a another solid entry to JT IV's Batman saga!

    The Joker bit in this issue got me a confusion hole for a hot minute considering we got Joker War and Three Jokers on our radar. I'm sure we'll get some answers as this story continues to unfold.

    March gets a bit cheesecake-y in some of his art here (not really a complaint but just something to point out). Also I do think he puts a little too much wrinkles in Batman's cape.

    Ok that new gadget is so dope. And Batman's ride in this issue is SEXY. So far I'm really digging Tynion's effort to throw in new gadgets.

    Not gonna lie, wasn't expecting HER to show up at the end. Should be a fun time, especially if you more

  • 7.5
    egon244 Feb 5, 2020

    "You want me to steal this car?"

    James Tynion continues to deliver a good Batman story, while Guillem March provides a bit uneven, but still great looking art.

    I am digging this story so far. I'm glad to know that this Designer is not Mr. J and I am looking forward to learning more about him and his "perfect crime".

    Action is good, Bat-gadgets are getting crazier with each issue (I shudder to think what will Lucius create when his son will be wearing the cowl), the dialogue is good and the ending was a welcomed surprise.

    I like this Batman. King who?

  • 6.5
    Darkseid24 Feb 5, 2020

    Good issue. It feels like a classic villain team up story. I especially liked the scene between Riddler& Catwoman. It was fun to see Riddler casting some doubt in Catwoman‘s relationship. Would be great, if Tynion finally ended this terrible Catbat relationship King built. But I doubt it. DC is constantly ruining characters, so why would Catwoman be the exception?
    Penguin‘s scene was also nice to read. However I am annoyed, that Harley is once again in this story. DC is forcing her into everything. Would have prefered if Scarecrow or Mister Freeze was involved in this instead of her for the thousand time. So the story might turn pretty bad in future issue.

    The art is really cool, so this issue might be worth it for The a more

  • 6.5
    Spacey Medicine Apr 7, 2020

    This is all FINE, but kind of boring? I don’t know, I just don’t feel super invested...

  • 3.0
    Quinn Feb 5, 2020

    No. Just no.

    I had hoped that King's successor would build on the good stuff that King did. And to be fair, for all my criticisms of King, I must acknowledge he did some good things - especially his relationship with Catwoman.

    But that's where this issue really falls apart. It turns out that Catwoman, Riddler and Penguin were part of some cabal with a secret agenda. (Apparently they killed and buried the Joker, a Joker?)

    And the Penguin also bribed guards, builders and that's why he was able to get the assassins out of jail so quickly. You'd think that Batman might anticipate a move like that in a city where corruption is a real thing. You know be on the lookout for bribes and such.

    Riddler mocks more

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    Mohammad robin Feb 5, 2020


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    LunaMoody Feb 5, 2020

    This story is getting pretty good. I'm enjoying reading it. I do have a few issues with it but we haven't gotten the full story yet so I'm not going to complain to much about it. I do hope that when ever it was that Catwoman helped come up with this story it was after one of the times Batman had hurt her in the past. Of which there was many. Lets face it at times their relationship was rather like she was his yo-yo toy. I want you Cat - we can't be together Cat - I love you Cat- I can't trust you Cat and so on and so forth. Which I believe is one of the reasons so many of us fans of their relationship got pissed over the marriage not happening. I know it still does me. As does the what appears to be cancellation of the Batman Catwoman maxi more

  • 8.0
    Swanktub Feb 5, 2020

    I'm enjoying Tynion's run so far, but I'm not loving it just yet. The thing that I appreciate the most from this issue is the dialogue. Tynion manages to give the characters their own voices which in my opinion is essential for Batman, his allies (in this case Lucius) and his enemies. The story has me intrigued, but I'm not quite hooked. I've enjoyed all of the action, but I also feel like not much has really happened in the first 3 issues of Tynion's run. However I do want to keep reading more because I am a fan of Tynion's recent writing in other books and believe that once the series gets going he will manage to deliver on the promise of this series. On the art side of things I have absolutely zero complaints about Guillem March. The ar more

  • 8.0
    Batman Jones Feb 5, 2020

    That's more like it. You have my attention, Tynion.

  • 8.0
    Talon1load Feb 6, 2020

    This is what I’ve been missing, an actual story. The new tech thing in every issue is already getting a bit old but we at least have a real mystery now instead of whatever that crap was that came before. The art is beautiful and the writing is a HUGE improvement. I can’t wait to see more about where this mystery with the Designer goes.

  • 8.0
    DDJamesB Feb 6, 2020

    Way better than kings run. Glad to be back reading Batman. The mystery is interesting and just gets back to basics

  • 8.0

    Favourite one so far.

  • 7.5
    YourGreenMuse Feb 8, 2020

    Better than last issue, although I'm very skeptical. The ending doesn't get me excited. I just hope that there's a plan here.

  • 7.0
    Maud Benjamin Feb 5, 2020

    Is this supposed to be exciting?

  • 6.0
    allenquanobi Feb 5, 2020

    eh again. i'm just pulling this because it's batman still and it's not terrible yet. everything just feels too normal and boring, which you don't want from your main book. Also the Designer just looks like Hush and Azrael combined if you've seen Jorge Jimenez's teased art.

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