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Quinn reviewed Batman #67 Mar 20, 2019

I would really rather rate this issue an "?" because maybe I am just too dumb to get it.

Basically there's no dialog (King's favorite "Elmer Fudd" tells Batman where the person Bats was chasing went, that's all the dialog).

This is one big chase that starts at the top of a skyscraper and descends into the sewers. Bats is chasing someone who looks like the Question, only with more

Batman #67

By: Tom King, Lee Weeks
Released: Mar 20, 2019

The "Knightmares" continue as Batman chases a new foe in an impossible race. Over rooftops, across alleyways, up and down the streets of Gotham City, this lightning-fast crook outsmarts the Dark Knight at every turn. Is that because the man under the mask is someone more familiar than he knows? Artist Lee Weeks returns to BATMAN for an all-out acti...

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myconius - Mar 22, 2019

i've only ever read 3 silent comics that i absolutely loved. this was not one of them.

Darkseid24 - Mar 22, 2019

Kings of Fear relied a lot on the art& I loved that, but I’ve never „read“ a silent comic, I loved.

Quinn reviewed Batman #66 Mar 6, 2019

Um, more of Batman trapped in his dreams. In this scenario, Selina is being questioned by The Question. It's all film noir, and Selina asks for a cigarette. That's a red flag, and she goes over their relationship and The Question keeps asking why Selina left and she says she left a note.

That's pretty much the issue, but it ends with Selina saying that Bats always has an escape plan, bu more

Batman #66

By: Tom King, Jorge Fornes
Released: Mar 6, 2019

The "Knightmares" storyline continues! Something-or someone-is forcing Batman to live through some of his darkest fears, amplifying the Dark Knight's anxieties and reimagining some of his worst traumas. Now that Batman has become aware of the nature of these delusions, he must find a way to break through and find out the source of this disruption. ...

Quinn reviewed Batman #65 Feb 20, 2019

Nice art with a confusing story that features characters acting out of character. Also a lot of "on the nose" dialog.

The issue starts with Gotham Girl imaging that she had a cool origin and killed the mugger that attacked her family (don't worry, Batman saved the day).

We cut to Flash and Batman fighting a lot of people who have taken the magic juice, but are now burning out more

Batman #65

By: Joshua Williamson, Guillem March
Released: Feb 20, 2019

"THE PRICE" part three! The two greatest detectives in the DC Universe take on the one cold case that will tear them apart!
As chief architect of the Sanctuary program that cost so much for so many, especially Wally West, Batman will be held accountable...by the Flash!
A cold case from the Justice League's past has mysteriously re-opened, ...

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Nihilist - Feb 21, 2019

I closely follow events of Doomsday Clock - no worries, fortunately this event does not butc... I mean connect to anything related to it. Only to Heroes in Crisis, which is even worse than this.

Quinn reviewed Batman #64 Feb 6, 2019

I found this issue . . . confusing. In that it does not take up from last issue and all it says is that Flash and Batman are considering the notion that there are too many mysteries.

For that, we get some Justice League action and Flash and Batman talking about said action and how it seems to lead them to some thoughts about too many mysteries.

I felt no emotional connection more

Batman #64

By: Joshua Williamson, Guillem March
Released: Feb 6, 2019

"THE PRICE" part one! The two greatest detectives in the DC Universe take on the one cold case that will tear them apart!
As chief architect of the Sanctuary program that cost so much for so many, especially Wally West, Batman will be held accountable...by the Flash!
A cold case from the Justice League's past has mysteriously re-opened, an...

Quinn reviewed Batman #63 Jan 23, 2019

Bats is kissing Cats in pretty or sexy environment. Constantine is there to harsh the buzz.

Rinse, lather, repeat.

On the final time Constantine tells Bats that he is caught and hooked up to a machine that makes him dream, with the final scenario having Cats die.

That is the whole issue. This story is so decompressed, if it were a set of tires, you wouldn’t be ab more

Batman #63

By: Tom King, Mikel Janin
Released: Jan 23, 2019

There are strange goings-on in the dark alleys of Gotham City, mysteries that will require a different skill set than the Caped Crusader's if he's going to stop the whole city from succumbing to the darkness. John Constantine, the Hellblazer, is a person with just those skills-but after the events of "The Witching Hour," is Constantine in any condi...

Quinn reviewed Batman #62 Jan 9, 2019

I get it. Bruce feels bad about himself. We know that. Telling us the same point over and over again, doesn't make the story more intersting. And the twist ending really doesn't have the impact that King probably meant it to have.

The whole issue until the last couple of panels is him trying to escape from Mr. Pyg, a villain that I truly hate, not love to hate, but just hate.
>In his attempts - Bats is slung upside down in a slaughter house like a slab of beef - Bats cuts himself to the bone with a hidden batarang to escape. He fights Pyg and only really does damage when he throws Pyg's knife at him. He notes that he really only hurt Pyg by using Pyg's weapon. Pyg easily catches the thrown batarang.

There's almost no dialogue. It's all Bats in text boxes talking in present tense.

While Bruce wonders how he got into his current troubles (again King is all tell, not show) he thinks the the tale of Pygmalion - a sculptor who fell in love with his own creation, but when that creation gained life, she rejected him.

Then when Pyg is unmasked, it's Damian reciting a line from the three pigs - hair of chinny, chin chin.

IT WAS ALL A DREAM. PSYCH. More like Yawn. The art is incredibly bloody. So while well-done, I found it off-putting. But that's me. If you like a comic literally dripping in blood in every panel and full of self-mutilation and horrific violence, then this is the book for you. Psycho.

I hate dream language. No doubt things like only using the enemy's weapon works and falling too much in love with your own creation are supposed to tell us about Bruce's mental health. But that's all King has been doing - driving home the same point over and over again.

It's boring.

I am so tired of psycho Batman. I miss the days when he was smart, self-aware and a true force for good. Now it's all just "you make things worse" and "you're a driven psycho that damages everything you touch" and blood, blood, blood, bodies, bodies and more bodies.

Enough. But that's me. I am a bit of delicate flower.

Or I could be wrong. more

Batman #62

By: Tom King, Mitch Gerads
Released: Jan 9, 2019

Now features the Story solicited for #61 written by Tom King with art by Mitch Gerads. The Eisner-winning creative team behind MISTER MIRACLE is back together as artist Mitch Gerads rejoins the Bat team for a special issue! Professor Pyg is loose in Gotham, and you know that means things are going to get weird... and bloody!

Quinn reviewed Batman #61 Dec 19, 2018

A big pile of who cares. King has brought back his rip-off of Tommy King - little evil "Bruce Wayne."

The whole story is basically Little Bruce's dream of the real death of the Waynes and how Batman solves the crime.

Like I said who cares. It seems that today's writers have their pet characters that they love, but no one else does. These characters take up time and space in more

Batman #61

By: Tom King, Travis Moore
Released: Dec 19, 2018

What happened to the boy who wanted to be Bruce Wayne? The young criminal mastermind orchestrates his own parents' deaths to emulate his hero and was carted off to Arkham when Batman exposed his crimes, but that is not the end of the story. Tom King reteams with Nightwing artist Travis Moore to create a sequel to their masterpiece of dark horror fr...

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Quinn reviewed Batman #60 Dec 5, 2018

More of the same. Batman using violence instead of brains. Beating ex-Arkham prisoners, who back up Bane’s story.

Penguin is being guarded by Alfred. They fill up space talking poems. Commissioner Gordon is through with Batman and we learn KGBeast is alive because he was under watch by Russian officials.

Story ends with Alternate Batman (Thomas Wayne, I think) clocking Bru more

Batman #60

By: Tom King, Mikel Janin
Released: Dec 5, 2018

Batman takes on a new partner, and it's...the Penguin? After rejecting Bane's crime-boss co-op, Cobblepot finds himself in the crosshairs of some very teed-off villains. The feathered felon turns to his old foe to snitch on Bane's scheme, but has to prove his intentions to avoid a Bat-beatdown. Along the way, this Gotham odd couple begins to bond-c...

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myconius - Dec 5, 2018

i don't think you're wrong. you summed it up perfectly.

Quinn reviewed Batman #59 Nov 24, 2018

King makes the biggest mistake a Batman writer can make - he writes Batman as stupid.
Bats learns Bane is responsible for his troubles, bullies his way into Arkham, scaring SWAT and finds Bane pretending to be “crazy.” He beats Bane and when Gordon objects, he hits Gordon.

That scene reminded of the time Yellowjacket hit Wasp. That is the whole issue. Batman ones no detecting, more

Batman #59

By: Tom King, Mikel Janin
Released: Nov 21, 2018

Caught between Batman and his unseen enemy, the Penguin has to think on his feet to avoid being taken down by either side. If he chooses one way, he goes to jail; if he chooses the other, he ends up dead. Then again, the choice seems obvious. Is Batman ready for a new kind of avian sidekick?

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myconius - Nov 26, 2018

he doesn't just write Batman as stupid, he makes Batman far beyond stupid.

Quinn reviewed Batman #58 Nov 7, 2018

Nice art. But King uses a whole issue to tell us that Bane has ordered Penguin to kill or maybe hurt Alfred. The issue ends with Alfred at the Manor and we see a red dot on his forehead, telling us that a sniper has him in his sights. (By the way, as an ex-CIA agent, King should know that real snipers never use laser sights because they do tip off the intended target. It's just Hollywood nonsense. more

Batman #58

By: Tom King, Mikel Janin
Released: Nov 7, 2018

The Dark Knight waddles into a turf war with the Penguin! Still reeling from the attacks on his Bat-Family and reputation, the Caped Crusader looks to track down the mysterious operator lurking behind the scenes in Gotham City. As the hunt rages on, Batman runs "a fowl" of Oswald Cobblepot. But the Penguin is on Batman's side for once, and the crim...

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Quinn reviewed Batman #57 Oct 17, 2018

The art in the story is nice. King is a man of few words. Too bad words aren't a bad thing in a comic book.

The story picks up right where it left off. Batman goes to the cabin where KGBeast killed dad. Instead of doing something smart like throwing a flashbang stun grenade in the cabin to get an advantage over a villain that can go toe to toe with him, Batman says "Beast" outside the d more

Batman #57

By: Tom King, Tony Daniel
Released: Oct 17, 2018

The KGBeast isn't working alone. As the Cold War between Batman and the Russian killer heats up, Batman's nose for mystery gets to twitching when he suspects there's more to the KGBeast's attacks than initially thought. Not only does this tie back to the court case Bruce Wayne sat on involving Mr. Freeze, there's another villainous Gotham ghoul in ...

Quinn reviewed Batman #56 Oct 3, 2018

The art saves, well not save so much as make this issue not be a total waste of time.

King kills more time by not showing us anything we don't already know. Batman beats up a gun dealer who IDs the picture of the KGBeast. Batman says a witness saw a one-armed man near the scene of the crime. Richard Kimble no doubt is looking over his shoulder.

We next see Batman and Bronze T more

Batman #56

By: Tom King, Tony Daniel
Released: Oct 3, 2018

The Dark Knight's looking to drop both the hammer and sickle on the KGBeast, whose rampage across Gotham City takes a toll on Nightwing when he's injured in the fray. Blaming himself for his ward's fate, Batman gets grimmer than usual-and vows to take the Russian assassin down like the Berlin Wall. Is even Gotham City ready for that much violence? ...

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myconius - Oct 3, 2018

i agree 100%

Quinn reviewed Batman #55 Sep 20, 2018

What to say?

I get what King is trying to do. I just don't think he did it well.

We see Batman and Nightwing fight some mummy monsters. All during this Nightwing talks and talks and talks. He said Batman never liked his puns and then comes up with more puns.

Again, I get why. King is trying to show us that Richard is trying to cheer Bruce up. Good idea. The problem more

Batman #55

By: Tom King, Tony Daniel
Released: Sep 19, 2018

The KGBeast lives! The Russian super-assassin is back-but under whose orders? Does he have a specific mission, or is this simply some leftover Cold War mayhem? Nyet, comrade-it has to do with Bruce Wayne's recent court case involving Mr. Freeze. Something is rotten in Gotham, and you can still smell it, even if it's on ice!

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Quinn reviewed Batman #54 Sep 5, 2018

I'll keep this short. This is not a terrible issue and has all the strengths and weaknesses of King's writing.

First the strengths. I am hard on the man and it's only right that I give him credit where credit is due.

Richard Grayson sticking around to cheer Bruce up after filling in as Batman is a right and proper plot. Showing how Bruce worked with young Richard after the Fl more

Batman #54

By: Tom King, Matt Wagner
Released: Sep 5, 2018

Dick Grayson-the original Robin-gets to spend some quality time fighting crime with his mentor for the first time since Batman popped the question to Catwoman. It's a walk down memory lane as Bruce Wayne helps Dick get over the loss of his high-flying acrobat parents, which in turn led to his crime-fighting career. Guest artist Matt Wagner (Mage, T...

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VanillaCone - Sep 13, 2018

David is ashamed of you

Quinn reviewed Batman #53 Aug 15, 2018

Wow, I am not going to sugar coat this one.

This issue just plain sucks.

Bruce's entire explanation that Freeze is innocent is that Batmanis human and humans make mistakes.

Bruce talks to a juror about God and how Bruce's father wanted Bruce to believe in God, but when Bruce's parents were killed he stopped believing in God and was lost until he found Batman. But B more

Batman #53

By: Tom King, Lee Weeks
Released: Aug 15, 2018

"Cold Days" continues! The jury in the Mr. Freeze trial is hopelessly deadlocked because one man won't vote guilty-and that man is Bruce Wayne. Freeze's defense is that Batman used excessive force, making his arrest illegal, and Bruce is the one man who actually knows for sure what went down between Batman and his ice-cold nemesis. And if Bruce is ...

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nec - Aug 15, 2018

All your complaints were addressed in the previous issue where Bruce explains that the whole case was based on Batman finding the slug off ice in the brains that the police missed and that the police later varified was there after batman found it, but no one considered this slug was added after the first autopsy and is reasonable doubt but only if you believe batman is fallible. So yes you missed something.

Mister Bungle - Aug 19, 2018

Some of these subjects of complaint only came up in this issue. How could they have been addressed in the previous issue?

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