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Dave rated Hawkman #27 Sep 8, 2020

Hawkman #27

By: Robert Venditti, Fernando Pasarin
Released: Sep 9, 2020

Hawks reborn! Hawkman and Hawkwoman receive the precious gift of life one last time and return to the past where they were happiest-back with the Justice Society of America! But nostalgia’s not all it’s cracked up to be with the Injustice Society on the loose! And who’s the mysterious figure plotting to cut Hawkman’s final life short from t...

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Dave reviewed Flash #761 Sep 8, 2020

Perfect comic

Flash #761

By: Joshua Williamson, Howard Porter
Released: Sep 9, 2020

“Finish Line” part three! It’s the Flash Family versus the Legion of Zoom! Witness the biggest battle in Flash history as the two sides go head-to-head for the fate of the future! Can the Flash stop the unstoppable Reverse-Flash from dragging him down into a personal hell Barry Allen can never escape?!

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Dave reviewed Superman #25 Sep 8, 2020

A new villain for the speculators, nothing for the Superman fans typical Benfis

Superman #25

By: Brian Michael Bendis, Ivan Reis
Released: Sep 9, 2020

New Villain Alert: Introducing Synmar!
A colossal new threat to Superman, the planet Earth, and the DC Universe arrives on the scene in this special issue! The unique warrior called Synmar was created to represent an entire alien race. He’s trained his entire life-but for what purpose? As the antithesis of everything Superman stands for, ...

Dave reviewed Nightwing #74 Sep 8, 2020

Not bad ,not great

Nightwing #74

By: Dan Jurgens, Ryan Benjamin
Released: Sep 9, 2020

The Joker has poisoned Ric Grayson’s mind with false memories and pitted him against Batgirl, the Robins, and Batman. As Batgirl realizes the key to ending this nightmare is through the crystal around The Joker’s neck, it’s up to Grayson to use it on himself and fight for who he really is: Nightwing! And if he doesn’t get stuck in his own m...

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