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Bloodborne #1

Apr 16, 2018

Working with a source that is infamously known for self-piecing the lore together is forgivable on the part of the creative team. The feel and tone of the game is not captured well due to bizarre and odd coloring choices changing the whole feel of the setting. These choices in writing and color are the biggest knocks against this release. It is a very quick read, however, though should only be reserved the most diehard fans of the SoulsBorne series. Easy pass, not recommended.

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Shadowman (2018) #1

Apr 16, 2018

Being that this is issue #1, it sets up for the first story arc and much of the backbone the book has to build from. With basic plot threads introduced, it leaves more to be desired that hopefully whet that appetite in the next issue. Honestly speaking here, the allure of a fully constructed, interesting world with the voodoo and horror tones sets for great things to come, the plot related characters are designed to be cool and visually pleasing, and the backgrounds are set pieces for horror movies. What is not to like?

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Venom (2016) #164

May 1, 2018

Solid, yet hurried, writing is to be found here, along with the excellent art work. This story arc closes out another chapter in the book of Venom. Had Costa had more time, the plot threads created in this arc could have gone on to produce great things. With the knowledge of Fresh Start on the horizon and Costa leaving the imagination to wander, the question is left to linger in the mind of readers as the comic hurtles towards a new era of Marvel: If Eddie and Venom can shift alignments and do good acts by will, are symbiotes nurtured to be evil or does nature play a part here? Perhaps Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman, the creative team behind the Fresh Start relaunch of Venom, can draw some inspiration from this run and answer this posed question with their run of the character.

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