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Fallen World #1

Apr 28, 2019

These 20 pages seemed to fly as I could not stop reading. I cannot wait for issue number two where an epic battle clearly lies ahead. Dan Abnett yet again has set a plot perfect for lots of action and deep moral issues. This paired with Adam Pollinas stunning art made for an issue I wish had more pages. Not only are the conflicts relevant, its just outright interesting. I was looking forward to this series and admittedly havent been disappointed. Be sure to check this out before the next is dropped. I highly recommend the series, and I give it a perfect score!

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FCBD 2019: Bloodshot #1

May 19, 2019

The next release is this fall, and it will be the official first issue of the new series. This little teaser definitely leaves the reader wanting a bigger bite, yearning for that official release. The artwork, as seen consistently with Valiant Comics, gives those perfect dramatic frames you always want to see with your super characters. After the comic the also add an 8-page prelude to Fallen World #1, where our good friend Bloodshot also stars. So be sure to check out this issue to get ready for the release this fall, and also just get connected with all the great stuff going on with Valiant Comics right now. Love the direction theyre going and can't wait to see whats in store.

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Lazarus: Risen #1

Apr 8, 2019

I'm happy with the amount of depth being put into this universe. Aside from the prologue and character list, in the beginning, they continue to add little literary pieces after the comic to just unify and expand on Lazarus. There is a lovely short story by Lilah Sturges, Your Last Meal On Earth, about Johanna Carlyle dining at the restaurant named La Voliere. And they later say theyd like to continue adding these short stories to the end of each edition. They include letters with Q&A as well as some scientific facts, but one of the coolest features to me was the section for World of Lazarus: Tools of War. Green Ronin Publishing, the creator of the Modern Age RPG, penned this section to support the RPG now and in the future by adding NPCs, equipment, and rule modifications. I cannot wait for Part 2 in July and I am looking forward to getting the next collective works they put out for this series. Grab your copy now and enjoy everything this quarterly release has to offer!

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Section Zero (2019) #1

Apr 21, 2019

Ben Dimagmaliw really brought the story to life with his art, and what I appreciate most is the depth of field he created with his framing. All in all an interesting story. There wasnt too much detail in this issue, so Id like to see the direction they take in the next issue now that the plot has been set. As an avid fan of superhero teams, I appreciated the story, and if you are like me, I think you will too. Pick up your copy today and see what you think.

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The Life And Death Of Toyo Harada #1

Mar 17, 2019

Terrific comic all around, and as previously stated I'm eagerly awaiting chapter two. I highly recommend the start to the Life and Death of Toyo Harada.

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The Life And Death Of Toyo Harada #2

Apr 16, 2019

Will she find another way to take out this immortal man? May 15th we will see when the new issue comes out, and until then pick up your copy of The Life and Death of Toyo Harada #2 today. And check out my review of the previous issue for a quick catch up of this evolving series. I loved the direction Joshua Dysart is taking with this series and cant wait to see whats in store next. And as always Cafu and Butch Guice knock the artwork right out of the park. It's always a treat when the art is as enticing as the storyline. I highly recommend this issue, as well as the complete series.

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