2000AD #2015

Publisher: 2000AD Release Date: December 17, 2014 Critic Reviews: 1 User Reviews: 1
8.0Critic Rating
7.5User Rating

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  • 8.0
    Big Comic Page - Sam Graven Dec 17, 2014

    With the legend that is John Wagner at the helm, you cant help but have high hopes for this, especially when youre seeing the Dark Judges back in style. Now Staples artwork, first of all, is worth mentioning as its perhaps not the Mega-City youre used to: vistas that are almost inspiring, a bit stronger in the palette, but still very much Dredd and what a Dredd, at that. With some astounding framing that really offsets the narrative, I am big fan of this team up. Just to be contentious though, Im going to say that Wagners writing, though excellent, doesnt give me enough Dark Judge! For all that we were promised, its a tiny, tiny tease in the grand scheme of things. I just wanted more which, of course is the point. But its still excellent, the new Lawgiver really well-crafted, and bodes very well for a story that 2000AD are clearly banking on. Read Full Review

  • 7.5
    Gizmo Sep 27, 2015

    -- JUDGE DREDD // DARK JUSTICE: The artwork is stunning! So excited for the Dark Judges, jump in now if you are too! This doesn't start with a bang, but I get the feeling a lot is being set up. A space colony sounds cool. -- THE VISIBLE MAN // THE SCREAMS IN THE WALLS: A good done-in-one arc. I feel bad for the main characters. -- THE ORDER // PART ONE: A new thrill that has me a bit lost already. 2000AD hasn't had the best luck on this medieval stories lately. Werewolves? Awe man... -- ULYSSES SWEET, MANIAC FOR HIRE // PSYCHO THERAPIST: Awe man, not Ulysses Sweet! I hated the last strip with this guy. So far this one isn't great, but it's not as bad as the last one. -- THE CIRCUIT-SNAPPING QUAXXANN CHRISTMAS QUIZ: Someone put a lot of effort into this quiz, but it's totally inaccessible to me since I've only been reading for a couple years. This is a quiz that will challenge those who've been reading for decades. -- JAEGIR // BROTHERS IN ARMS: This is a really good one. It tells a story spanning years in just a few pages and it works very well. It adds to the Jaegir backstory and gives the series direction moving forward. -- LOW LIFE // THE REALLY BIG CHRISTMAS SLEEP: Yes! I love Low Life! This is very funny, the ending sets up an ongoing story but we'll have to wait a bit for the rest of the story, which is a bit of a drag. -- MAX NORMAL // NO COMICS FOR OLD MEN: I like this, the characters play off each other well and the story has a satisfying conclusion. -- SAVAGE // GRINDERS: Nice, I love Savage too. Looks like this one is going to focus a lot on weird cyborg people? -- JUDGE DREDD // THE GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PRESENTS: Sweet. Really cool story starring a crime lord's right-hand man who suddenly gets an attack from his conscience, or so it seems. -- OVERALL: There's a lot of material here, 100 pages. It's a great jump-on point for new readers, there are some great stories to look forward to, it's a shame two of the less interesting ones are continuing from here.

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