Welcome to the NHK

Welcome to the NHK

Publisher: TokyoPop Release: Oct 2006 - Sep 2008 Issues: 8 Critic Reviews: 0  User Reviews: 8
N/A Avg. Critic Rating
9.0 Avg. User Rating

  Satou is a 22-year-old college dropout who has become a recluse...that is, until he meets Misaki, a mysterious young girl who invites him to join her special "project." Slowly Satou comes out of his reclusive shell, and his hilarious journey begins, filled with mistaken identity, panty shots, Lolita complexes, and an over-protective mother!  
        Key Selling Points:  

  • Anime just announced of release in Japan
  • Based on a popular novel
  • Touches on the problems of Hikikomori, a shut-in disorder affecting more than 1% of Japan's teen and young
  • Story Comp:  Takes a comedic spin to many Otaku and Japanese cultural idiosyncrasies like Comic Party, Abenobashi and Sgt.  Frog
  • Sales Comp:  Should do close to or better than similar otaku gear manga such as Mahoromatic and Genshiken

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