Fantastic Four Vol. 6: Empyre
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Fantastic Four Vol. 6: Empyre

Writer: Dan Slott Artist: Paco Medina Publisher: Marvel Comics Trade Paperback: November 25, 2020, $17.99 Issues: 6, Issue Reviews: 201
7.5Critic Rating
1.0User Rating

EMPYRE rocks the Fantastic Four's world! First, the Mole Man and his biggest monsters return to the surface, bent on destroying one man: Wyatt Wingfoot! Can the Human Torch and Sky possibly save him on their own? Elsewhere, a never-before-seen Elder of the Universe steps into the light to change things for Marvel's First Family - forever! As the FF find themselves neck-deep in the events of EMPYRE, Franklin and Valeria face a looming crisis back on Earth that calls for the aid of a couple of former members of the New Fantastic Four: Spider-Man and Wolverine! With the entire cosmos at stake, can Ghost Rider and the Hulk be far behind? And can more

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