Incredible Hulk Vol. 2: War Devils
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Incredible Hulk Vol. 2: War Devils

Writer: Phillip Kennedy Johnson Artist: Danny Earls, Alberto Alburquerque Publisher: Marvel Comics Trade Paperback: June 12, 2024, $19.99 Issues: 6, Issue Reviews: 179
7.8Critic Rating
5.2User Rating

The new age of monsters continues! Bruce Banner's new friend Charlie reminds him he's more than a man on the run: He's an Avenger. A hero. And heroes help people. So when their travels lead them to a Texas town under attack by dreaded monstrosities known as war devils, Bruce decides it's time for the Hulk to step in! But in doing so, he rouses an undead Spirit of Vengeance from his eternal slumber - summoning a hundred-year-old Ghost Rider who intends to ride down the Hulk! Then, Hulk and Charlie find themselves in a supernatural town haunted by a serial killer - but Frozen Charlotte is no mere mortal killer, and Hulk will need the help of a more

  • 1.0
    Tempter Jun 13, 2024

    In yet another pathetic attempt to sequence the concepts established exceptionally well in the fifty issues of Immortal Hulk... Phillip Kennedy Johnson uses and abuses his ideology to impose it on the comics. Believe me, the issues that follow in this volume are ABSURDLY embarrassing, to the point of offending straight people, as in a scene in which a fat man (who probably suffers from an inferiority complex) is possessed by a caricatured monster who repudiates straight couples. And in that same arc, we also have former war veterans who now become MANHUNTERS!

    It's the writer narrating his sad life story and the artist serving the 3% of his readers.

  • 9.5
    jandals042 Jun 12, 2024

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