Major X Collected
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Major X Collected

Writer: Rob Liefeld Artist: Brent Peeples, Whilce Portacio Publisher: Marvel Comics Trade Paperback: October 2, 2019, $24.99 Issues: 5, Issue Reviews: 86
5.0Critic Rating
4.5User Rating

A mysterious new player enters the Marvel Universe! Major X's home dimension, the X-istence, and the thousands of mutants who dwell there are facing complete destruction. Now, Major X and the man-beast called M'Koy must travel to the Marvel Universe to stop those responsible and locate the one man who can save their world! But when they find themselves thrown back in time to the early days of X-Force, Major X forges a desperate alliance with the man called Cable. But what is the stunning connection between these two time-traveling warriors? And can they untangle a conspiracy involving rogue Atlanteans, the sadistic Watchtower group and the ev more

Rating Collected Issues Reviews
Major X #1 14
Major X #2 6
Major X #4 3
Major X #5 2
Major X #6 3

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