Sins of Sinister Collected
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Sins of Sinister Collected

Writer: Kieron Gillen, Al Ewing, Simon Spurrier Artist: Lucas Werneck, Paco Medina, Patch Zircher, Alessandro Vitti Publisher: Marvel Comics Hardcover: September 20, 2023, $75.00 Issues: 11, Issue Reviews: 459
8.1Critic Rating
9.5User Rating

For decades, Mister Sinister has plotted and schemed, intent on creating a "better" world. Now, at last, his plans come to fruition beyond his wildest dreams - and his darkest nightmares! Ten, a hundred and a thousand years into the future, a horrific timeline has been unleashed that makes the Age of Apocalypse look like a day at the beach! Who are the Immoral X-Men, sworn to crush a world that adores and respects them? Why are Storm and the Brotherhood seeking deadly revenge? And what is the shocking secret of the bloodthirsty bamfing assassins, the Legion of the Night? As Sinister's genetic tampering runs rampant across the globe, can the X more

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