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GhostHero76 added John Tiffany (2023) to their pull list Sep 1, 2023
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GhostHero76 added The Schlub (2023) to their pull list Sep 1, 2023

The Schlub (2023)

VANISH artist/writer RYAN STEGMAN and Superboy writer KENNY PORTER team up with Beef Bros artist TYRELL CANNON for a new action/comedy series featuring colors by MIKE SPICER and lettering/design by JOHN J. HILL.
Failing dentist Roger Dalton blames the world for his problems until he is body-swapped with the world's greatest ...

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GhostHero76 added The Cull (2023) to their pull list Aug 23, 2023

The Cull (2023)

Eisner-winning writer KELLY THOMPSON (BLACK CLOAK) and superstar artist MATTIA DE IULIS (Captain America) team up for their first creator-owned work together!
Something is Killing the Children horror vibes mix with The Goonies-style adventure as five friends set off to shoot a short film on a forbidden rock near their ho...

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GhostHero76 added Alice Never After (2023) to their pull list Aug 15, 2023

Alice Never After (2023)

Alice finally got her wish. Wonderland has become her new home, but with her abuser's avatar with the uncanny grin turning the mad residents of a moonstruck world against her, she's clawing for a little rationality amongst the chaos.

As Alice's sister Edith and her childhood friend Earl fight for a way to bring her back, Alice has to conte...

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GhostHero76 added The Madness (2023) to their pull list Aug 15, 2023

The Madness (2023)

Legendary writer J. Michael Straczynski teams with superstar artist ACO for a tale of bloody vengeance.

In THE MADNESS, Sarah Ross has been using her power as a thief, stealing from the rich and...well, keeping it. Until the day she stole from the wrong person, a highly placed official who pressures the government to assassinate her. The p...

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GhostHero76 added The Enfield Gang Massacre (2023) to their pull list Aug 15, 2023

The Enfield Gang Massacre (2023)

The THAT TEXAS BLOOD duo returns to Ambrose County, Texas with an all-new MINISERIES set 150 years in the past!
Gunslinging action meets dark frontier drama in this original Western thriller, as Montgomery Enfield and his gang of outlaws find themselves in the crosshairs of an aging Texas Ranger and a newborn county that's hungry for law.

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GhostHero76 added A Vicious Circle (2022) to their pull list Aug 4, 2023

A Vicious Circle (2022)

Iconic artist Lee Bermejo (Batman: Damned, Joker) partners with director and screenwriter Mattson Tomlin (Batman: The Imposter)!

Shawn Thacker is a trained assassin from the future who seeks revenge on the only other man with his affliction-each life they take forces them both to travel between vastly different past and future eras.

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GhostHero76 added Arcade Kings (2023) to their pull list Aug 4, 2023

Arcade Kings (2023)


Writer and artist DYLAN BURNETT (Ant-Man, Cosmic Ghost Rider) unveils a new prestige comics series sensation, perfect for fans of INVINCIBLE and MURDER FALCON.
Joe, a mysterious new face in Infinity City, has suddenly become the hottest new player at the Round H...

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GhostHero76 added Project Riese (2023) to their pull list Aug 4, 2023

Project Riese (2023)

It's 1952. The wound WWII inflicted on the world is still fresh. Sam Safdie and his ragtag group of treasure hunters have been searching for the fabled map of the Owl Mountains for years...and they finally found it. Their journey leads them to a massive war complex that hides both unknown horrors and a fortune in gold. However, the deeper they trav...

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GhostHero76 added The Sacrificers (2023) to their pull list Aug 4, 2023

The Sacrificers (2023)

Tomorrow is a harmonious paradise thanks to five families who make everything perfect...for the price of one child per household. Now, as that bill comes due, a son expected to give everything for a family that never loved him and an affluent daughter determined to destroy utopia must unite to end one generation's unnaturally pr...

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GhostHero76 added Fire and Ice (2023) to their pull list Aug 4, 2023

Fire and Ice (2023)


More than four decades ago, two iconic creators came together to bring to the silver screen an amazing new world of magic and adventure. In their classic animated film Fire and Ice, legendary artist FRANK FRAZETTA and famed director RALPH BAKSHI crafted a unique vision of be...

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GhostHero76 added Big Game (2023) to their pull list Jul 28, 2023

Big Game (2023)


The comics event of the summer is here!

Okay, this is so top secret we can't even show you the main cover because it spoils something MASSIVE. Just trust us when we say that this is going to be the comic book event of 2023-and it's NOT what you're expecting.

Does the crossover really go that wide? Yes...

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GhostHero76 added Scrapper (2023) to their pull list Jul 28, 2023

Scrapper (2023)


Game design genius CLIFF BLESZINSKI (Gears of War, Fortnite) makes his comics debut with critically acclaimed writer ALEX DE CAMPI (DRACULA, MOTHERF**KER!, PARASOCIAL) and fan-favorite artist SANDY JARRELL (Bombshells, Lynx)!

Blade Runner-style action mixes with big emotions as stray dog Scrapper and his buddy...

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GhostHero76 added The Ribbon Queen (2023) to their pull list Jul 28, 2023

The Ribbon Queen (2023)

There is something ancient and terrible loose in the world of men. Something that hates them with burning passion, that bears a grudge born of ten thousand years. Something that wants its revenge.
NYPD Detective Amy Sun has a problem: Three years ago, a young woman was rescued from a serial killer by a police tactical unit. Now she's dea...

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GhostHero76 added Purr Evil (2023) to their pull list Jul 28, 2023

Purr Evil (2023)


Rita loves her daughter Deb, but a dark evil from her past threatens the lives of anyone who gets too close to it. Can the bond between two women overcome a life built on blood and lies? And what secret is lurking in the Morando family's apartment?


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GhostHero76 added Eight Limbs (2023) to their pull list Jul 18, 2023

Eight Limbs (2023)

Joanna, a  retired Muay Thai champion, takes in a troubled foster teen and decides to train her... until the teen lands herself in a dangerous situation and Joanna must re-enter the ring to fight for her new family! From writer Stephanie Phillips (Grim, Harley Quinn) and artist Giulia Lalli comes a story of found family and choosing to fi...

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GhostHero76 added Antarctica (2023) to their pull list Jul 18, 2023

Antarctica (2023)


Stargate meets His Dark Materials in a new non-stop sci-fi action blockbuster!

Hannah's life imploded the day her father failed to return from the secretive Smith-Petersen Research Station in Antarctica. Alone and on the street, she's at her lowest ebb when a friend offers help. Retrained as an engineer, Hannah sec...

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GhostHero76 added The Hunger and the Dusk (2023) to their pull list Jul 18, 2023

The Hunger and the Dusk (2023)

"Hugo- and World Fantasy Award-winning writer G. Willow Wilson (Ms. Marvel, Wonder Woman, Poison Ivy) and all-star artist Chris Wildgoose invite readers to experience love on the brink of extinction in their new ongoing high fantasy tour de force!
In a dying world, only humans and orcs remain-mortal enemies battling for territory and political...

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GhostHero76 added Sirens of the City (2023) to their pull list Jul 18, 2023

Sirens of the City (2023)

New York City. 1980s.  Runaway teen Layla struggles to survive on the mean streets, far from home.

But now every supernatural creature from the darkest corners of the urban grime is after Layla... and the child-to-be she never wanted growing inside her....

This gritty urban fantasy created by Joanne Starer (The Gimmick) and Exce...

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GhostHero76 added The Oddly Pedestrian Life of Christopher Chaos to their pull list Jul 10, 2023

The Oddly Pedestrian Life of Christopher Chaos

From the New York Times bestselling and multi-Eisner award-winning writers of Something is Killing the Children, The Department of Truth, and House of Slaughter; and the artist on Victor and Nora: A Gotham Love Story comes this LGBTQ+ horror-hero coming-of-age series that's Invincible meets Doom Patrol.

Meet teenage mad scientist Christoph...

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GhostHero76 added Under The Influence (2023) to their pull list Jul 10, 2023

Under The Influence (2023)

(New Series) A teenage sociopath, Paul Kozac, has accidentally created an internet cult called The Hot Dog Party. When a prank turns deadly, the F.B.I. sends in an undercover agent, Cara Cole, to investigate and infiltrate their ranks. Now Cara battles against real stakes, fake news, and memes in a character-driven story about power structures and ...

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GhostHero76 added Swan Songs (2023) to their pull list Jul 10, 2023

Swan Songs (2023)


W. MAXWELL PRINCE (ICE CREAM MAN, HAHA) continues his weird, winning one-shot formula with this all-new multi-artist project that explores the way things END...and also how they never really do.  

SWAN SONGS comprises stories about endings...The End of the World. The End of a Marriage. The End of a Se...

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GhostHero76 added Tales of Syzpense (2023) to their pull list Jun 22, 2023

Tales of Syzpense (2023)


The split book revival is underway at Syzygy! Every month, TALES OF SYZPENSE presents two titanic 12-page tales of terror and turmoil! Up first, courtesy of Lore co-creators T.P. LOUISE & ASHLEY WOOD, the lead-off mystery of "Les Mort 13" plays out on the surreal and mysterious island of Southport after a run-in with Eris, ...

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GhostHero76 added Wild's End (2023) to their pull list Jun 22, 2023

Wild's End (2023)

Journey to alien-occupied interwar England, courtesy of the award-winning creative team of Dan Abnett (Warhammer 40K, Immortal Red Sonja) & I.N.J. Culbard (Salamandre, Tales From The Umbrella Academy), with Nik Abnett providing additional material!
Out at sea during the invasion, our intimate crew of unlucky voyagers returns to a world they onc...

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GhostHero76 added The Rocketeer (2023) to their pull list Jun 20, 2023

The Rocketeer (2023)

The Rocketeer is grounded! After Cliff and Betty's adventures in Europe-with Cliff losing the Great Race but saving the day-he and Betty return home with a busted jet pack and a fully repaired relationship! They're as happy as they've ever been...but paradise doesn't last long! An elite band of Nazis, foiled in the past by their attempts to constru...

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GhostHero76 added In Hell We Fight! (2023) to their pull list Jun 20, 2023

In Hell We Fight! (2023)


Life in hell ain't easy. Demons try to torture you for all eternity. Monsters want to eat you. There's a stunning lack of reliable indoor plumbing. And it's almost impossible to get ice cream. At least, until today, when three condemned teens and their annoying tagalong demon frenemy embark on a daring scheme to hijack a de...

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GhostHero76 added Navigator (2023) to their pull list Jun 20, 2023
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GhostHero76 added Sins of the Salton Sea (2023) to their pull list Jun 20, 2023

Sins of the Salton Sea (2023)

Wyatt, a professional thief living off the grid, is recruited by his brother for one last job. Their target: an armored car traveling down a desolate stretch of California highway. But when it turns out that their target is carrying not gold bars but human cargo, Wyatt is plunged into a conflict between warring factions of a doomsday cult. The cult...

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GhostHero76 added You've Been Cancelled (2023) to their pull list Jun 19, 2023

You've Been Cancelled (2023)

In the near future, cancel culture means more than just losing your could mean your life. The world's premier entertainment event is CANCELLED - a live-streamed program where elite bounty hunters called cancellers kill individuals who society has voted to "cancel" following heinous actions or offenses. Our story follows Roland Endo, the wo...

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GhostHero76 added Xino (2023) to their pull list Jun 19, 2023

Xino (2023)

Because the future is getting weirder everyday, we give you XINO #001-the first of three OVERSIZED, 40-PAGE intra-ocular lozenges of subversive, surrealist science-fiction to cure your awful awareness of it all. Try not to worry-the insertion process will be guided by the megawatt brilliance of Oni's brightest talents (past, present, and future) as...

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