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Anthony21 reviewed Batman #21 Apr 20, 2017

GREAT art. I haven't read Batman in a few months so jumping back in with this new storyline. I don't read Flash but I'm going to now to see where else this goes.

Batman #21

By: Tom King, Jason Fabok
Released: Apr 19, 2017

"THE BUTTON" part one! The cataclysmic events of DC UNIVERSE: REBIRTH #1 continue here! The Dark Knight and The Fastest Man Alive, the two greatest detectives on any world, unite to explore the mystery behind a certain blood-stained smiley button embedded in the Batcave wall. What starts as a simple investigation turns deadly when the secrets of th...

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Anthony21 added Batman (2016) to their pull list Apr 20, 2017

Batman (2016)

"I AM GOTHAM" chapter one
No one has ever stopped the Caped Crusader. Not The Joker. Not Two-Face. Not even the entire Justice League. But how does Batman confront a new hero who wants to save the city from the Dark Knight?
CAN'T MISS: Superstar artist David Finch returns to Batman alongside writer Tom King for this five-part storyline.

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Anthony21 added Secret Empire to their pull list Apr 20, 2017

Secret Empire

It's been building for months, across a bevy of titles! But now, the moment has arrived for Steve Rogers to step into the light and declare his allegiance to Hydra! How can the heroes of the Marvel Universe cope with this shattering betrayal by the most trusted figure among them? And what will this mean for the world? The map of the Marvel Universe...

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Anthony21 reviewed Secret Empire #0 Apr 20, 2017

I haven't been reading Captain America or anything else that's been setting the stage for this so I was lost in places and not sure what was happening. However, it has a great opening story, good action and really nice art. So overall I enjoyed it and I'm looking forwarding to reading the next one. There are some interesting ideas and storylines that could play out well.

Secret Empire #0

By: Nick Spencer, Daniel Acuna
Released: Apr 19, 2017

What if your greatest ally was secretly your greatest enemy? What if the most trustworthy, stalwart hero history has ever known has been planning in secret a massive betrayal? That time is now!
The Marvel Universe is under siege from within! Captain America, secretly a true believer in the cause of Hydra, has turned his back on the Super Hero c...

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