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Charlie Wentling added Midnight Sons: Blood Hunt (2024) to their pull list May 26, 2024

Midnight Sons: Blood Hunt (2024)

The original Midnight Sons reunite to deal with the vampire threat unleashed in BLOOD HUNT! But first they must defeat one of their own: Blade!
Rated T+

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Charlie Wentling added Hellverine (2024) to their pull list May 26, 2024

Hellverine (2024)

Because you demanded it - the return of the HELLVERINE! When a DEMONIC FORCE known as BAGRA-GHUL first came to earth, it brought LOGAN and GHOST RIDER together to hunt it before it possessed WOLVERINE. But now, in the present day, what event will put the Hellverine back on the stree...

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Charlie Wentling added William of Newbury (2024) to their pull list May 26, 2024

William of Newbury (2024)

From the co-creator of the Eisner Award-winning, bestselling Powers comes this brand-new anthropomorphic supernatural series that's Hellboy meets Redwall. Loosely based on real events in 12th century England during what was known as "The Anarchy." A time where the country was beset with plague, civil war, and demons. William of...

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Charlie Wentling added Union Jack the Ripper: Blood Hunt (2024) to their pull list May 20, 2024

Union Jack the Ripper: Blood Hunt (2024)

As vampires inherit the Earth, one lone man has made it his mission to protect it. But what does Joey Chapman, UNION JACK have up his sleeves? And will it be enough? And WHO will Union Jack have to face to keep London from falling? CAVAN SCOTT and KEV WALKER bring you a UNION JACK story like you've never seen befo...

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Charlie Wentling added Venom: Separation Anxiety (2024) to their pull list May 13, 2024

Venom: Separation Anxiety (2024)

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN legend and VENOM co-creator DAVID MICHELINIE triumphantly returns to tell another all-new, heart-pounding, brain-eating tale set in EDDIE BROCK'S earliest days! This time, he's teaming up with VENOM and DEATH OF THE VENOMVERSE artist extraordinaire GERARDO SANDOVAL! Venom has made a new enemy....

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Charlie Wentling added Doom (2024) to their pull list May 13, 2024

Doom (2024)

Legendary creators Jonathan Hickman (ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN, G.O.D.S.) and Sanford Greene (Bitter Root) send Doctor Doom on a journey unlike any he has undertaken before! With Valeria Richards at his side, Doom goes on a quest to harness more power than any human has ever wielded befor...

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Charlie Wentling added Amazing Spider-Man: Blood Hunt (2024) to their pull list May 13, 2024

Amazing Spider-Man: Blood Hunt (2024)

Spinning directly out of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #49, Spidey's role in BLOOD HUNT becomes clear and it involves, of course, MORBIUS! That's right, the Web-Slinger's main vampiric villain Michael Morbius is involved in the big vampire play and Peter has to figure out if he needs to take out his fanged foe or SAVE HIM?!
Rated T

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Charlie Wentling added Strange Academy: Blood Hunt (2024) to their pull list May 8, 2024

Strange Academy: Blood Hunt (2024)

The vampire onslaught of BLOOD HUNT reaches worldwide all the way down to NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA, home of the STRANGE ACADEMY! DOYLE DORMAMMU, SHAYLEE, TOTH, ZOE, GERMÁN get embroiled in an adventure that will take them around the Marvel Universe and right into the center of the BLOOD HUNT action! That's right, the kids from the best new series of...

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Charlie Wentling added Blood Hunters (2024) to their pull list May 8, 2024

Blood Hunters (2024)

The first in a new anthology series that explores how the shattering events of BLOOD HUNT cover the breadth of the Marvel Universe! HAWKEYE is on the run - but does he have enough trick arrows in his quiver to avoid both the long arm of the law AND vampires out for his blood?! MAN-WOLF and J. JONAH JAMESON do a little father-son bonding - while als...

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Charlie Wentling added Energon Universe (2024) to their pull list May 6, 2024

Energon Universe (2024)

A special new printing of ENERGON UNIVERSE FCBD 2024 SPECIAL featuring three all new stories from the Energon Universe, with stunning revelations for the worlds of TRANSFORMERS, G.I. JOE, and VOID RIVALS from the biggest names in comics.

A perfect jumping-on point for new readers and a can't-miss for long-term fans.

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Charlie Wentling added The Boy Wonder (2024) to their pull list May 6, 2024

The Boy Wonder (2024)

The young prince Damian Wayne was raised to be the heir to the fearsome League of Assassins--to follow in the footsteps of his deadly mother, Talia, and the Demon's Head himself, his grandfather Ra's al Ghul. But everything changed when his father, the Batman, reclaimed him and brought him back to Gotham City. As Robin, young Damian suddenly discov...

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Charlie Wentling added Get Fury (2024) to their pull list Apr 28, 2024

Get Fury (2024)

It's 1971, there is a war raging in Vietnam, and Nick Fury has been captured by the Viet Cong. At this moment, they don't quite understand that they have in their possession a man who knows enough secrets to damage the United States beyond comprehension. The ...

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Charlie Wentling added FCBD 2024: Blood Hunt / X-Men to their pull list Apr 28, 2024

FCBD 2024: Blood Hunt / X-Men

Time once again for a shot of all-new Marvel goodness, absolutely free! First, witness the overture to this summer's major crossover event starring the Avengers - Blood Hunt! And then get a glimpse of the future of mutantkind as Jubilee learns that you cannot go home again!
Exclusive Original Material
Rating: Teen

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Charlie Wentling added Deadpool & Wolverine: WWIII (2024) to their pull list Apr 28, 2024

Deadpool & Wolverine: WWIII (2024)

The most intensely mismatched team-up in comics and pop culture - the best there is and the merc with the mouth - undergoes a radical change as we kick off a three-part, globe-spanning saga for the ages! The mysterious DELTA believes in change. Change is good. But as he...

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Charlie Wentling added Blood Hunt (2024) to their pull list Apr 28, 2024

Blood Hunt (2024)

The skies have gone dark, the sun hiding its face from the carnage to come. The children of the night, the vampires, have risen from the dark and hidden places of the world as one to drown the Marvel Universe in blood. Earth's final night has fallen - can even the heroes of this doomed world stem the tide of bl...

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Charlie Wentling added The Whisper Queen (2024) to their pull list Apr 28, 2024

The Whisper Queen (2024)

CHIP ZDARSKY (NEWBURN, Batman) and KRIS ANKA (Across the Spider-Verse), the ALL-STAR TEAM behind THE WHITE TREES, return to the fantastical land of Blacksand! The royal guard has sent their most capable bounty hunters after the accomplices in the king's murder! Javro, once the king's most skilled assassin, must find the kill...

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Charlie Wentling added DC's Spring Breakout! (2024) to their pull list Apr 28, 2024

DC's Spring Breakout! (2024)

Written by Meghan Fitzmartin, Cameron Chittock, Joey Esposito, Morgan Hampton, Patrick R. Young, Tom Krajewski, Mike Barr and More Art by Kenya Danino, Vasco Georgiev, Paul Pelletier, Nico Bascunan and More Spring has sprung! Flowers are blooming, bees are buzzing, Harley is breaking King Shark out of Belle Reve prison...all is right in the DCU as ...

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Charlie Wentling added Spectregraph (2024) to their pull list Apr 24, 2024

Spectregraph (2024)

NEW SERIES DEBUT from DSTLRY! Modern masters JAMES TYNION IV and CHRISTIAN WARD join forces to bring you their next horror classic. A ghost story steeped in the decay of a century of capitalism.

For years, the mansion has sat strangely, nestled into the coastline just a short drive north of Los Angeles. Rumors have haunted the place for ye...

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Charlie Wentling added Spider-Man: Shadow of the Green Goblin (2024) to their pull list Mar 31, 2024

Spider-Man: Shadow of the Green Goblin (2024)

NORMAN OSBORN WAS NOT THE FIRST GOBLIN! Norman Osborn is the GREEN GOBLIN you know. But he is NOT the ORIGINAL GOBLIN! Learn the shocking secrets of the PROTO-GOBLIN, and its dramatic connection to the Osborn family! What role does a young Peter Parker, who has not yet understood his great power and responsibility, play in this unfolding of events?...

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Charlie Wentling added Deadpool (2024) to their pull list Mar 31, 2024

Deadpool (2024)

A NEW ERA FOR THE MERC WITH A MOUTH, AND A GUN, AND A SWORD... CODY ZIGLAR (Futurama, Miles Morales: Spider-Man) has a wild ride planned for the Merc with the mouth! Introducing a terrifying new villain who won't stop until he catches Wade in his DEATH GRIP. But all work and no play makes Deadpool a very dead boy!

Rated T+

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Charlie Wentling added Rook Exodus (2024) to their pull list Mar 31, 2024

Rook Exodus (2024)

GEOFF JOHNS and JASON FABOK, the celebrated team behind the smash hit Batman: Three Jokers, reunite for an all-new science fiction series! Hundreds of years from now, the man known as Rook was once a simple farmer who fled the crumbling Earth for a new life on the planet Exodus; a terraformed planet where all of nature, includin...

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Charlie Wentling added Redcoat (2024) to their pull list Mar 31, 2024

Redcoat (2024)

Immortal. Mercenary. Kind of a tool. Meet Simon Pure, the newest UNNAMED hero, created by comic all-stars GEOFF JOHNS and BRYAN HITCH. British redcoat and all-around rogue, Simon mysteriously became immortal in 1776 after a run-in with the clandestine cabal known as the Founding Fathers, which included George Washington, John H...

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Charlie Wentling added Geiger (2024) to their pull list Mar 31, 2024

Geiger (2024)

The critically acclaimed team of storytellers GEOFF JOHNS and GARY FRANK return to the nuclear wasteland of GEIGER for an ALL-NEW ONGOING series starring the violent and unpredictable GLOWING MAN! Leaving his home behind, Tariq Geiger now walks the radioactive roads of the former United States with his ...

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Charlie Wentling added Jackpot & Black Cat (2024) to their pull list Mar 24, 2024

Jackpot & Black Cat (2024)

The most exciting new hero in the Marvel U, JACKPOT, A.K.A. Mary Jane Watson, gets her first action-packed limited series as a super hero alongside the other best female character in comics, BLACK CAT! When someone blackmails Black Cat into a public and blatant crime spree, Jackpot comes to her aid! What classic Spider-Vill...

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Charlie Wentling added Batman: Dark Age (2024) to their pull list Mar 24, 2024

Batman: Dark Age (2024)

Meet Bruce Wayne, Gotham's favorite delinquent son. In an origin story like no other, witness the boy become a dark knight shaped by a city in turmoil as it marches towards its prophesied doom. Set against the backdrop of actual historical events, Gotham comes alive, filled with the iconic characters who've loved and hated Batman over the years lik...

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Charlie Wentling added X-Men: Forever (2024) to their pull list Mar 17, 2024

X-Men: Forever (2024)

HAUNTED HOUSE OF X! How can you kill a digital god? What do you do when the Phoenix is bleeding out into nothing? There's been questions that have haunted you since the end of IMMORTAL X-MEN. Finally, some answers. There's also been some questions that have haunted you since the START of IMMORTAL X-MEN. Finally, some answers too. Tying directly int...

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Charlie Wentling added Web of Spider-Man (2024) to their pull list Mar 17, 2024

Web of Spider-Man (2024)

2024 is primed to be one of the biggest years in Spider-History and you've only seen the tip of the iceberg! In the pages of this one-shot, we're going to lay out some of the biggest upcoming Spider-Stories and characters in the Spider-Verse through the beginning of 2025, and you aren't going to want to miss this!
Rated T

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Charlie Wentling added Ape-ril Special (2024) to their pull list Mar 17, 2024

Ape-ril Special (2024)

GET READY TO GO BANANAS IN THIS APE-IC ADVENTURE! CAUTION: An ape-surd amount of bad ape puns are incoming. Please be ape-vised. Gorilla Grodd's recent incarcer-ape-tion in the pages of The Flash has left a void that Monsieur Mallah is more than happy to fill. Ape-sembling a group of the DCU's most sinister simians, Mallah forms the Legion of D(oo-...

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Charlie Wentling added Black Widow & Hawkeye (2024) to their pull list Mar 13, 2024

Black Widow & Hawkeye (2024)

Even when Black Widow and Hawkeye had no one to trust, they still had each other - even though their paths sometimes diverged. So when Clint Barton is accused of a rogue assassination attempt that puts the U.S. and Madripoor at odds, a symbiote-equipped Natasha Romanoff thinks nothing of coming to h...

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