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Gus12345 reviewed The Private Eye #2 May 8, 2013

The second issue of The Private Eye, returns back to the intriguing world created by Brian K. Vaughan, and Marcos Martin, in a visually stunning, and impeccably written tale. Brian K. Vaughan crafts the mystery of who the mysterious cult is, what they are capable of, and just what there endgame is superbly, revealing just how sinister they can be, while leaving much in the dark for further issues more

The Private Eye #2

By: Brian K. Vaughan, Marcos Martin
Released: May 8, 2013

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Gus12345 added The Victories (2013) to their pull list May 1, 2013

The Victories (2013)

Following the Jackal’s faceoff with Faustus and an attack on the US infrastructure, the Victories face a plague of new evils threatening their city. Who is trying to destroy our nation? Can the Victories overcome their own spiritual demons to keep the team together and save the world?

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Gus12345 added Mister X: Eviction to their pull list May 1, 2013

Mister X: Eviction

Dean Motter and his groundbreaking creation are back in a new series perfect for first-time readers and longtime fans! Radiant City's government has been overtaken in a coup, and only the mysterious Mister. X can stop its new masters from using authoritarian psychetecture to remake the minds of every citizen!

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Gus12345 added Ten Grand to their pull list Apr 26, 2013

Ten Grand

Joe Fitzgerald was a mob enforcer until the day he met Laura, who convinced him to leave that world behind. Before quitting, Joe agreed to one last job, little realizing that the man he'd been sent to kill was deeply involved in demonlogy. He survived Joe's attempt and came after him, fatally wounding Joe and killing Laura. As he lay dying, an ange...

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Gus12345 reviewed Mind MGMT #1 Apr 25, 2013

The art style of Matt Kindt, immediately places the story within the confines of the real world. Painted watercolours contribute to the realistic atmosphere of the issue, as it develops grit within the comic, mirroring the problems of Meru, the main character, and the subject matter aptly. Sequentially, the story is excellent, developing an intriguing mystery as to who, and what Mind MGMT actual more

Mind MGMT #1

By: Matt Kindt
Released: May 23, 2012

Matt Kindt, the most original voice in genre comics, outdoes himself in this bold new espionage series!

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Gus12345 added Hawkeye (2012) to their pull list Apr 25, 2013

Hawkeye (2012)

The breakout star of this summer’s blockbuster AVENGERS film and self-made hero Hawkeye fights for justice!With ex-Young Avenger Kate Bishop by his side, he’s out to prove himself as one of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes!Matt Fraction & David Aja (IMMORTAL IRON FIST) reunite to tell the on-going tales of the Arrow-Avenger!

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Gus12345 added The Private Eye to their pull list Apr 25, 2013
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Gus12345 added The Green Hornet (2013) to their pull list Apr 25, 2013

The Green Hornet (2013)

The Hornet faces his most dangerous enemy ever--an egotistical, arrogant Britt Reid! In his alter-ego as a powerful newspaper publisher, the Hornet has lost control, becoming a social crusader far too sure of himself and of his judgment. But when he finally goes too far, an innocent man pays a terrible price--and the legend of the Green Hornet begi...

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Gus12345 added Batwoman (2010) to their pull list Apr 25, 2013

Batwoman (2010)

At last! Batwoman's new series begins, from the multiple award-winning creative team of J.H. Williams III and W. Haden Blackman!In "Hydrology," part 1 of 5, Batwoman faces deadly new challenges in her war against Gotham City's underworld and new trials in her life as Kate Kane.Who or what is stealing children from the barrio, and for what vile pur...

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Gus12345 added Green Lantern (2011) to their pull list Apr 25, 2013

Green Lantern (2011)

The red-hot GREEN LANTERN team of writer Geoff Johns and artist Doug Mahnke introduce an unexpected new Lantern.

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Gus12345 added The Manhattan Projects to their pull list Apr 25, 2013

The Manhattan Projects

What if the research and development department created to produce the first atomic bomb was a front for a series of other, more unusual, programs? What if the union of a generation's brightest minds was not a signal for optimism, but foreboding? What if everything... went wrong?


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Gus12345 added Miniature Jesus to their pull list Apr 25, 2013

Miniature Jesus

Devil on one shoulder - angel on the other. One tells you to do bad things, the other . . .  well, you get the idea. Bad news for a recovering alcoholic if the "good" one is MIA. Between a liquor-gulping demon and a mummified cat hell-bent on mucking up his fragile stability with esoteric trappings of Egyptian Gods, it's all about to make...

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Gus12345 added Daredevil (2011) to their pull list Apr 25, 2013

Daredevil (2011)

THIS SUMMER, THE DEVIL IS REBORN. RENEWED. RESSURECTED. With new enemies, new friends...and that same old "grinnin' in the face of hell" attitude, The Man Without Fear is back in a double-sized first issue and leading with his face! Mark Waid (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, Irredeemable, RUSE) joins neo-legendary artists Paolo Rivera and Marcos Martin for a ...

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Gus12345 added Chew to their pull list Apr 25, 2013


Tony Chu is a cop with a secret. A weird secret. Tony Chu is Cibopathic, which means he gets psychic impressions from whatever he eats. It also means he's a hell of a detective, as long as he doesn't mind nibbling on the corpse of a murder victim to figure out whodunit, and why. It's a dirty job, and Tony has to eat terrible things in the name of j...

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Gus12345 added Polarity to their pull list Apr 25, 2013


From the mind of SAY ANYTHING frontman Max Bemis comes POLARITY, a manic-depressive spin on the superhero genre. Timothy Woods is a bipolar artist stuck in the world of hipsters, meaningless sex, and vain art -- better known as Brooklyn. But after he survives a near fatal car accident, Timothy discovers that his mental instability is more than just...

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Gus12345 added Batman Incorporated to their pull list Apr 25, 2013

Batman Incorporated

BATMAN, INCORPORATED makes its NEW 52 debut with an all-new first issue! The series hits the ground running as BATMAN and ROBIN face off against the assassin GOATBOY! LEVIATHAN'S sinister mission revealed!

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Gus12345 added Nightwing (2011) to their pull list Apr 25, 2013

Nightwing (2011)

Dick Grayson flies high once more as Nightwing in a new series from hot new writer Kyle Higgins (BATMAN: GATES OF GOTHAM)! And as he embraces his destiny, Haley's Circus, the big top where Dick once performed, returns to Gotham City bringing with it murder, mystery and superhuman evil. Nightwing must confront his past, among former friends and ene...

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Gus12345 added The Black Beetle to their pull list Apr 25, 2013

The Black Beetle

Black Beetle’s investigation of two local mob bosses is interrupted when a mysterious explosion murders them and a pub full of gangsters—taking out most of Colt City’s organized crime in one fell swoop. Who could pull off such a coup, and what danger might that murderous bomber do to Colt City and Black Beetle?

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Gus12345 added Sex to their pull list Apr 25, 2013


FIRST ISSUE - COLLECTOR'S ITEM! Finally, a good reason for you come in the comicbook store -- to buy SEX! Simon Cooke has retired from his own "alternative lifestyle" and returned to the city he'd previously sworn to protect. Now he's just another average citizen -- or is he? The term "adult" has never been so appropriate as it is when it applies t...

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Gus12345 added Nowhere Men to their pull list Apr 25, 2013

Nowhere Men

"SCIENCE IS THE NEW ROCK 'N' ROLL." So said Dade Ellis, Simon Grimshaw, Emerson Strange and Thomas Walker at the dawn of a new age of enlightenment that ushered in a boom in scientific advancement. As the research supergroup World Corp., they became the most celebrated scientists of all time. They changed the world - and we loved them for it. But w...

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Gus12345 added Fatale to their pull list Apr 25, 2013



Nothing the BEST-SELLING and AWARD-WINNING creators of SLEEPER, CRIMINAL and INCOGNITO have done so far will prepare you for the explosive debut of FATALE!     

A reporter in 2012 stumbles on a secret that leads him down the darkest path imaginable... to a seductive woman who...

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Gus12345 added Aquaman (2011) to their pull list Apr 25, 2013

Aquaman (2011)

The superstar creators from BLACKEST NIGHT and BRIGHTEST DAY reunite to take AQUAMAN to amazing new depths!Aquaman has renounced the throne of Atlantis but the sea will not release Arthur Curry so easily. Now, from a forgotten corner of the ocean emerges The Trench! A broken race of creatures that should not exist, an unspeakable need driving them...

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Gus12345 added Wonder Woman (2011) to their pull list Apr 25, 2013

Wonder Woman (2011)

The Gods walk among us. To them, our lives are playthings. Only one woman would dare to protect humanity from the wrath of such strange and powerful forces. But is she one of us or one of them?

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Gus12345 added Peter Panzerfaust to their pull list Apr 25, 2013

Peter Panzerfaust


The city of Calais is the first city in France to fall to the Germans in the spring of 1940. A mysterious American boy named Peter rallies a handful of plucky French orphans and they must work together to survive Europe's darkest hour.

From the writer of the critically acclaimed GREEN WAKE and THE INTREPI...

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Gus12345 added Snapshot to their pull list Apr 25, 2013


Jake Dobson is your typical nerd; works at the Near-Mint Rhino comic-book store in San Francisco. But when he finds a lost cell phone, he's horrified to discover it's full of snapshots of a murder victim. Suddenly he finds himself hunted by a vengeful hitman who wants his phone back... and Jake in a body bag! And then things start to get *really* c...

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Gus12345 added East of West to their pull list Apr 25, 2013

East of West

The things that divide us are stronger than the things that unite us. A Sci-Fi Western set in a dystopian America where all hope for the future rests in the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse...who just happen to be trying to kill the President of the United States. One of the most exciting new books of the year, this is EAST OF WEST, a brand new, o...

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Gus12345 added Jupiter's Legacy to their pull list Apr 25, 2013

Jupiter's Legacy

The comic-book event of 2013 finally arrives as superstar creators MARK MILLAR and FRANK QUITELY give us the superhero epic that all future comics will be measured by. The world's greatest heroes have grown old and their legacy is a poisonous one to the children who will never live up to their remarkable parents. Unmissable.

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Gus12345 added Justice League (2011) to their pull list Apr 25, 2013

Justice League (2011)

Comics superstars Geoff Johns and Jim Lee make history! In a universe where super heroes are strange and new, Batman has discovered a dark evil that requires him to unite the World Greatest Heroes!

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Gus12345 added Ultimate Comics Spider-Man Vol. 2 to their pull list Apr 25, 2013

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man Vol. 2

Meet Miles Morales, the all-new Ultimate Spider-Man!

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Gus12345 added Batman (2011) to their pull list Apr 25, 2013

Batman (2011)

Be here for the start of a new era for The Dark Knight from writer Scott Snyder (AMERICAN VAMPIRE, BATMAN: GATES OF GOTHAM) and artist Greg Capullo (Spawn)! A series of brutal killings hints at an ancient conspiracy, and Batman learns that Gotham City is deadlier than he knew.

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