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ComicsLegend reviewed Vampirella: 1992 #1 Jun 2, 2021

If I could describe this issue I would say, weird story with a very good art team. Honestly saying I think that Robertos art catchs perfectly what the 90s vibes was and At the same time Ramos's art reminds me of those 80s British artists. Both artists got the weird idea of Bemis. Honestly saying this story is a weird match between 2 completely different spectros. One specific thing that hitted my more

Vampirella: 1992 #1

By: Max Bemis, Marcos Ramos
Released: Jun 2, 2021

Ah, the '90s, our strange yet dynamic link between the excess of the '80s and the pretensiousness of the aughts.  A time when heroes were born, died and were reborn (again). Amidst all that creative chaos, the form of comics was torn between the muscle bound proliferation of All Things Pouch and the heady brew offered up by the British&nb...

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Really really good book! I do like the way the story was written but the art... cmon! Incredibly different! When I saw the first amount of pages at the preview I thought the art would be done this way until the end, a rough art? Different of the previous issue of Sanapo did but no.... the art keeps progressive, changing, rough to clean! Almost saying to the readers that every page, every panel, ev more

Vampirella: Valentine's Day Special #1

By: Tom Sniegoski, Marcos Ramos
Released: Feb 3, 2021

In a terrifying alternate reality, Dracula and Vampirella have wed and the world has been plunged into darkness.  Humanity has become little more than cattle and Vampirella has sworn a sacred oath to her Husband and King not to fight against Vampire supremacy . . . but a rebellion is brewing in the shadows.  Who is the mysteriou...

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ComicsLegend added Marcos Ramos to their creator watch list Jan 31, 2021
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