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DiJay rated Batman: The Detective #5 Oct 4, 2021

Batman: The Detective #5

By: Tom Taylor, Andy Kubert
Released: Sep 22, 2021

Equilibrium unmasked! Falling further behind the villainous Equilibrium, Batman enlists the help of the European Alliance of the Bat in hopes of turning the case around! With Squire in tow, the Dark Knight attempts to thwart a mass execution in Belgium in brutal, epic fashion!

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Batman vs. Bigby! A Wolf In Gotham #1

By: Bill Willingham, Brian Level
Released: Sep 29, 2021

With the blood dry at Gotham’s fourth gruesome murder scene in as many weeks, Batman is stumped. The same hallmarks haunt each investigation: brute-force entries, bodies ripped to shreds and stamped with enormous bite marks, and clumps of fur-wolf fur-scattered in the wreckage. The streets buzz with rumors of the “Werewolf of Gotham.” Determi...

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