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Justice League (2011) #23.3

Sep 23, 2013

As DC Villains Month drags wearily on, this issue is the tongue in cheek, unironic yet self-aware comic we've been waiting for. 20 pages, 20 artists: Why not? Many of the other Fill-ins Month issues have three or more pencillers, and didn't manage to pull in the talent of any one of the twenty artists in JL#23.3:DE. This was not a send off to Dial H. This was a Dial E one-shot. It was a fun idea that each of the twenty artist gets to draw one or more ridiculous supervillains each. It was souch bizarre, non sequitur fun, that it's hard not to love. The main setback here is that there is no story. It's more of a Dail H tone poem that you might see in a more compressed format in an anthology. Good luck fighting the E Dial, dead Justice League!

Justice League of America (2013) #7.1

Sep 11, 2013

Assuming everything is on the table here, this comic was pretty okay, not good. Idiotic marketing aside, this is a serviceable issue by Kindt and Ferry? et al. The telling of the origin is more interesting than the story itself. A villain who has the superpower of gun goodness doesn't always translate to the page in a visually appealing way, but Kindt's blocking and Ferry's (and a long list of other competent artists') execution achieved greatness in that respect. What's a bummer is that Deadshot's old origin was so complex and dramatic, it is hard to improve on it. In Ostrander, Yale, and McDonnell's Deadshot miniseries, Floyd was from an aristocratic family. He was alienated by his parents and community for accidentally killing his brother, then pitted against his abusive father by his mother. Within the series, his son is molested and murdered. There is one hell of a beginning for a deranged and dissociated person. The kind of person who would be perfect as a hit-man. Kindt replaces all that with "I'm poor in Gotham and my whole family was murdered by bullets, so I'm going to kill people too." It doesn't make any sense. Why would Floyd go to work for the guy who accidentally got his family killed?

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