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I don't know why I love this book. It just feels so satisfying to read for a flash fan. The story feel paced perfectly with a grate conclusion that can stand on its own, but also allows the story to carry on. The plot is pretty much what is says but with some cool twists that i was not expecting, and to ruin them here would be a stupid. The one thing I will say is you need some flash knowledge (even if its just the TV show) to get the most out of it. If you are a flash fan or just like the new 52 in general I would say "pick it up".

"Savage World" is good but not amazing follow up to "out of time". It is a lot slower than "out of time", spending lots of time with future flash trying to blend in as present flash. The story is kind of a redemption ark for future flash. I wont spoil what present flash gets up to but his story is all about getting home. Over all this book is a long epilogue to "out of time" that has a grate tease at the end.

It seems to be that everyone loves this book but just don't. Its just to wacky and weird for me (and i like wacky and weird). See I thought this book would be a look into different earth (each issue a different earth) and it is but... ... Well I don't know its all to meta. it keeps breaking the fourth wall with idea of a cursed comic book (WTF a cursed comic book) and how all the earths are going to be destroyed because of it. also you don't get to care about any of the characters because just as you learn their names one to the next earth. The one thing i will say is the map of the multiverse is cool along with the brief descriptions of each earth. Those things are all online though. Over all the only reason this gets a six instead of a five is the art is grate.

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