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Batman (2016) #49

Jun 20, 2018

This issue is an absolute must read for any fan of the Batman mythos. The reader may find it to be as powerful and revealing as some of the past big stories that is alluded to in these pages. The look into THIS Joker's thoughts put this issue among one of the best of the year. Batman #49 proves that Bruce Wayne's legacy is more than just Batman but the antagonist that rise up to balance him.

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Blackbird #1

Oct 3, 2018

Overall Blackbird is a beautiful and without a doubt a magical success. An impressive team was put together and as a result equally impressive work was produced. Readers will eagerly look forward to the future issues of Blackbird and the world that the creative team has brought to life.

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Border Town #1

Sep 5, 2018

Overall Border Town is not only an important book it is a very well put together book. The story is solid, linework is beautiful and the colors take the entire package to the next level. For Latinx readers it brings their stories to the mainstream and for all readers it is full of lessons and entertainment. This series will definitely be one long remembered.

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Low Road West #1

Sep 12, 2018

Overall, Low Road West is a very intriguing and enjoyable story for a first issue. It takes the reader to a place that isn't expected at first glance. The creative team has done an excellent job at putting the reader in this journey along with the kids and that is a win for reader and creator alike.

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Nancy Drew (2018) #1

Jun 13, 2018

Overall this book is an instant classic and joy to read. If you are not a Nancy Drew fan then you will be one by the time you get past the first three pages. The story is fun, the artwork full of heart and the lettering brings it all together to make it a practically perfect issue. You will be reading it more than once and eagerly anticipating the next issue.

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Pearl #1

Aug 15, 2018

Overall, this is an exciting start for this series and a very pleasing visual immersion into this world. Its good to see a writer really create something original and not fall back on tried and true. Developing the story from here and building on the solid start can lead to nowhere but success.

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Submerged #1

Jul 4, 2018

Overall,Submerged is a unique story full of beauty, sadness, and at it's core hope. The characters will absolutely appeal to Latinx readers but at the same time does not limit it to a specific readership. This is a classic story for humanity and it's written and illustrated beautifully. There is so much submerged below the surface of what's on the pages that readers are sure to enjoy the journey that the creative team is taking them on.

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Superman (2018) #1

Jul 11, 2018

Overall this is a very solid issue. It continues the work that was begun in the Man of Steel limited series and seems to be launching us into a new era for Superman. Fortunately, its not something completely brand new but may a return to a golden age of Superman stories. If Bendis continues the work he has done so far then this will be a run long remembered.

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Vagrant Queen #1

Jun 6, 2018

Vagrant Queen #1 is pure sci-fi adventure to the core that is without a doubt going to become a classic. It immediately drops the reader into an exciting world that begs to be explored and runs them through it at a fun pace. Visaggio and her creative team are producing comic book gold that is easy to fall in love with.

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