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Cannibal #2

Nov 14, 2016

Overall I highly recommend checking Cannibal #2, especially if you are a fan of small town sheriffs and local watering holes. The story might be a slow burn, but I'm confident this team will deliver. There seems to be a much larger picture than we are able to view and my curiosity is piqued to see more of it. Right now the comic certainly offers more questions than it answers, but that's what makes any mystery fun.

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Head Lopper #13

Sep 21, 2020

"Head Lopper" #13 stands out on the shelves as being one of very few quarterly comics that is well worth its price of entry; it is painstakingly written and drawn by Andrew Maclean, and colored beautifully by one of the industry's best, Jordie Bellaire. If you are a fan of old school RPG's, or 'Adult Swim' TV series like "Samurai Jack", do yourself a favor and jump on board the new arc of this series.

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Lake of Fire #1

Aug 28, 2016

Lake of Fire #1 reminds me a bit of a few other Image titles I wish were still around; Chris Robeson's Sovereign and J Bone's The Saviors, they all have a childlike facade to them, but pack a serious story. I hope that this book stays around as it is more of a slow burn, and it's possible to drop off before things really get going. Do yourself a favor and give this one; 44 pages of comics for $3.99, totally worth it.

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Marvel Zombies: Resurrection (2020) #2

Oct 5, 2020

While "Marvel Zombies: Resurrection" #2 features some great frames of our favorite old heroes and villains in creative new roles, its thin plot and dull colors do very little to make us want to read on about them in this undead romp.

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Moonshine #2

Nov 25, 2016

The book almost feels like the first season of HBO's True Detective in the sense that maybe there's a little more style than there is substance at this point. But if you like Azzarello's writing, have some faith, I'm sure he's got something big planned here, and if you just like good clean artwork, pick up Moonshine #2 right away, it won't disappoint.

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Rorschach (2020) #1

Oct 19, 2020

Tom King homages pulp fiction and film noir to deliver a script steeped in reverence for the original that adds a new take on the world of "Watchmen" without taking anything away from it. Jorge Forns and Dave Stewart step up to fill some big shoes and put together one of the tightest paneled, deftly drawn comics on the shelves this week.

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Skulldigger and Skeleton Boy #4

Sep 29, 2020

Lemire makes it feel as though Spiral City has been around just as long as Gotham, or any other super-city for that matter, by further rooting his characters in a setting that feels at once timeless and currently relevant, while Zonjic presents some of his most inventive colors to help emphasize the warm heart and chilly soul of this story.

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