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Deathstroke (2016) #22

Aug 7, 2017

"Deathstroke" continues to beeline to the top with stories that keep your eyes glued to the page and art that has you reading it more than once. A run that, without a doubt, everyone should be reading.

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Green Arrow (2016) #27

Jul 24, 2017

Percy continues to deliver a compelling story that challenges Green Arrow and company as well as the reader with Campbell's delightfully witty art that easily tells the story itself. A great read, and a better run to add to your subscriptions.

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Kill Or Be Killed #10

Jul 17, 2017

No real story progress, and the narrative is at times too heavy " not leading you to the art, which doesn't amaze in comparison to previous chapters.

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Nightwing (2016) #27

Aug 18, 2017

Final Verdict: 8.3 The art in this book continues to impress, as well as the character development we see in Nightwing. A book everyone should have on their subscriptions.

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Teen Titans (2016) #10

Jul 31, 2017

Another strong issue with flawless and vibrant art, along with a complex story that introduces a rattling villain that will surely challenge the team of Titans, this is definitely a run that should be on your radar.

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