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Age of X Alpha #1

Jan 31, 2011

Mike Carey definitely hooked me in with the opening salvo of Age of X. I want to know where the heck everyone else is (Colossus, Nightcrawler, Xavier, etc). I'm going to be back for more.

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Batman #706

Jan 19, 2011

Solid Bat-adventure, month after month. I'd normally recommend an issue of this quality unequivocally, but if you're a new reader, buy this one and the last two and then you'll be good. Then, write this on a bathroom stall: Tony Daniel gives good Batman.

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Batman and Robin (2009) #18

Dec 18, 2010

There is a definite tone-shift under Cornell's watch (naturally enough) and I'm still wondering if this is a good pairing. If you're looking for very dark Gotham, I think you're going to need to read Detective Comics or Batman. For a lighter feel, something that fits the tone of Batgirl or Red Robin, this may be your book.

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Brightest Day #10

Sep 15, 2010

Fun issue. Good momentum. Pick it up.

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Brightest Day #11

Oct 6, 2010

Good momentum. Good art. Interesting story. Some clunky writing.

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Brightest Day #15

Dec 1, 2010

The last 2 pages don't advance the story in any way either. If you want more spoilers, Starman and Congorilla play chess and get a warning from Firestorm that he's about to destroy the universe. Again, nothing new. Actually, to be honest, I didn't know that Congorilla liked chess so much, but is that the core reveal of this issue?You'd think that the editors and writers of Brightest Day, after getting their balls busted by fans for not making this story move forward quick enough, would use every single panel to hype up the tension and keep the action moving. I'm not trying to be an armchair quarterback or anything, but c'mon people! Brightest Day, as a member of my pull list, has now been given another warning card. One more like this and I'm gonna give up on Brightest Day.

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Kato Origins #6

Jan 27, 2011

In a world of long story arcs and crossovers, an emotionally powerful stand-alone issue of this quality is a real gem. I can't say this enough: If you like gritty, noir superhero action (say the best Daredevil or Immortal Iron Fist, or way-old-school Batman), you've got to start following Kato Origins. This is easily one of my favourite books with fantastic art and writing.

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Red Robin #18

Dec 9, 2010

You want international superhero suspense? You want the hero going after the bad guys (and ruining their operations and turning them in)? You want great art and mysterious villains? You have to check out Red Robin. I really enjoyed this one.

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Warlord of Mars #3

Dec 23, 2010

I cannot, cannot wait for the next issue. You *must* pick this up. This is gold.

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