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Argus #1

Apr 8, 2020

The Argus #1 isn't ground-breaking or wholly captivating, but it is interesting enough to hook me for now. If I weren't such a time-travel aficionado I might have not been on board for future issues; the art and other story elements, so far, are simply not too great a draw on their own. Let's say I'm cautiously optimistic about the future. And yes, that was a bit of a time-travel pun.

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Transformers vs. Terminator #1

Apr 1, 2020

I'm a long-time fan of both franchises here, so naturally, that's gotten me enamored with the concept from the jump. That said, I have discerning tastes, and sometimes a take on Transformers or Terminator doesn't always land with me. I'm happy to say that with the comic here, I'm on board. They tap the energy that made these franchises, both born in the '80s, special for fans. Still, it isn't all ground we've already covered"there's the twist I mentioned initially, and the writers are running with it. For future issues, I'll be back!

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Twin Worlds #1

Apr 10, 2020

This comic so far has delivered on the story and artwork. There is a larger occupation effort at work, and hints of smaller, personal conflicts, as well. If swords and sorcery versus high technology revs your engine, you should enjoy Twin Worlds #1 as I have. For me, there's little doubt the story will remain engaging in future installments.

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