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All-New Wolverine #25

Nov 1, 2017

Taylor delivered another winning issue. He knows how to start a story arc with a bang, or should I say with a Sknikt! Cabals art style is one of the best Ive seen so far, and it fits perfectly for All-New Wolverine. Match this two-talented individual and we have what I call another epic story.

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All-New Wolverine #26

Nov 2, 2017

Despite being exciting and fast-paced, the story is starting to drag after that explosive story introduction from the last issue. The art is still gorgeous to look at and it was really fun to see Cabal playing around the pacing and flow of the art with the comic panels.

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Generation X (2017) #7

Oct 30, 2017

Although it was lighthearted & sort of a feel-good kind of story (compared to other X-books stories), the strong character development and the new potential character pairings kept this issue fresh and exciting.

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Runaways (2017) #2

Nov 4, 2017

Story is still a bit slow, although it doesnt bother me, some might not enjoy the slow pacing of the storyThe reveal that only 2 years had passed since Gert died; this made the timeline of Marvel very confusing now.Rating: 9.2/10 Rainbow Rowell continues to deliver by giving what the fans want. Answers. We now know what had happened to the rest of the gang. With Kris Ankas exceptional art and Matt Wilsons coloring skills. We have another winning book that will definitely please both new fans and old.

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