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Fubar: All Star #1

Apr 10, 2018

Author Jeff McComsey brings a new installment to the FUBAR series with a few interesting tales to bring to the table, but others? Not so much.

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Judas #1

Dec 15, 2017

JUDAS #1 offers an interesting portrayal of Judas, humanizing the man behind the betrayal of the Son of God. The story is steady, enthralling, and well-suited for the atmosphere the comic creates.

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Judas #2

Jan 8, 2018

In JUDAS #2, we shift our focus from Judas to Satan, who provides an insightful and captivating perspective on others victimized by God. With enthralling storytelling, Loveness makes you have sympathy for Biblical figures you never thought you'd sympathize with.

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Judas #3

Feb 13, 2018

JUDAS #3 frames an insightful and exciting confrontation between Judas, Jesus, and Satan. Loveness weaves the complex duality of Judas' sentiments toward Jesus, which is brought together by Rebelka's phenomenal and ominous illustrations in this issue.

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Judas #4

Mar 14, 2018

The conclusion to JUDAS has arrived and it's a stellar issue you don't want to miss! Rebelka's monsters, beasts, and settings will captivate you, as well as Loveness' incredible character growth. Everything comes together in this heartwrenching end.

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Steven Universe (2017) #10

Nov 22, 2017

In STEVEN UNIVERSE #10, Connie has a school project due and Steven and Amethyst want to lend a helping hand! However, Connie and Steven encounter some issues when Amethyst tries to offer too much of her help.

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The Crow: Memento Mori #1

Mar 28, 2018

Roberto Recchioni and Werther Dell'Edera have a new Crow! Bringing in the dark, nitty and gritty, THE CROW: MEMENTO MORI #1 establishes the perfect mood in the first few pages for this dark tale of revenge and retribution.

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The Prince And The Dressmaker #1

Feb 13, 2018

THE PRINCE AND THE DRESSMAKER is a charming coming-of-age story of identity and yearning for acceptance. Illustrated and written by Jen Wang, the beautiful scenery and designs are enchanting and intricate as the characters themselves.

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Transformers vs. The Visionaries #1

Jan 3, 2018

In TRANSFORMERS VS THE VISIONARIES #1, an attempt between fantasy and sci-fi try to come together in the Transformers universe. Magdalene Visaggio offers an interesting take incorporating the Visionaries in post-war Cybertron, however, the idea itself is too remote of a concept from the usual variety of Transformers franchise. David Garcia-Cruz paints this entire issue vibrantly with his colors, which aids the designs of the newly designed Visionaries and the mechs of Cybertron by Ficco Ossio. Ossio illustrations are refined and unique for the people of New Prysmos, but improvements can be made to match the level detail in Cybertronian expressions.

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Transformers vs. The Visionaries #2

Jan 31, 2018

TRANSFORMERS VS THE VISIONARIES #2 demonstrates the powers of the Visionaries' magic. As vividly illustrated the conquest of the planet is, the issue seldom highlights Ironhide and his team and brushes their involvement to fight back under the rug until the very last few pages.

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Transformers: Lost Light #11

Nov 30, 2017

TRANSFORMERS: LOST LIGHT #11 provides a spectacular insight of Getaway's character and the horrifying extents he's willing to go to reach Cyberutopia. However, the issue maintains a very linear plot from start to finish with little of the story taking place anywhere else.

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Transformers: Lost Light #12

Dec 31, 2017

TRANSFORMERS: LOST LIGHT #12 is jampacked with the right amount of suspense and excitement. James Roberts keeps you on the edge of your seat, providing twists and turns to keep you engaged. Jack Lawrence's clean and simple illustration aids Roberts, delivering the right facial reactions during the climactic peaks of the plot. Andrew Griffith is also featured in this issue; however, much of his artistic direction comes across as rough and cramped.

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Transformers: Lost Light #13

Jan 24, 2018

Astonishing conclusions and disheartening realizations surface in TRANSFORMERS: LOST LIGHT #13. James Roberts allows us to see the depth of his character's growth and their relationships with the help of Alex Milne, who delivers the gravity of pivotal moments through his expressive art style.

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Transformers: Lost Light #15

Feb 28, 2018

The war might be over, but not for some bots. In TRANSFORMERS: LOST LIGHT #15, readers uncover a unique (if a bit odd) plot twist which is held together by Cahill and Pitre-Durocher delightful illustrations.

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