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Black Hammer/Justice League: Hammer of Justice! #1

Jul 3, 2019

For fans of Black Hammer, the crossover is recognition of the following that has been steadily growing around Lemire's creation. And, the five-issue arc is a perfect opportunity for Justice League fans to introduce themselves to the indie comic.

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Coffin Bound #1

Aug 7, 2019

The artwork provides the pivot against which grim and phantasmagorical elements mix and turn. Danis (2000 AD) strong line-work provides a firm base against which to make sense of the surreal storytelling. The artists decision to shift among grotesque, dreamy, and crime noir notes builds on the comic's unapologetic nature. And, Brad Simpson (Fair Lady) uses hot colors such as orange during daylight and deep reds and purples at night to transform the desert into a foreboding and fickle character in its own right.

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Coffin Bound #2

Sep 11, 2019

I came for car chases, excessive gore, and delirium. I stayed for the quiet stories about family and the loud questions they provoke about what it means to live and be in the world today. Check out Coffin Bound #2 if you want to be entertained and challenged. Oh, and more EarthEater please. Hes creepy AF.

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Dead Eyes #1

Oct 2, 2019

Dead Eyes #1 also has some humorous moments that work well with the serious subject matter. Overall, I liked this comic and I recommend that you check it out.

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Deadly Class #39

Jun 26, 2019

Dont let the SyFy series cancellation get you down. Remender and Craig are still here and better than ever. Deadly Class #39 proves them to be a lasting and entertaining force in creator-owned comics.

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Die #5

May 8, 2019

The result is an artistic accomplishment that leaves us anything but uncertain.

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Gideon Falls #13

May 15, 2019

So, too, will the artistic teams notable work. The methods of Andrea Sorrentino (Old Man Logan) and Dave Stewart (Hellboy) work as well in alternate worlds and times as in the modern setting of earlier arcs. Blurry line-work, serrated paneling, and bold reds are just as disconcerting in the Victorian Age of Gideon Falls #13. Steve Wands (Batman) expertly matches fonts to fears of dislocation that frame these places. The letters are rickety, as if they are hastily put together and about to fall apart. Except, that is, when Burke comes into conflict with the Laughing Man. There, bold and firm lettering anticipates conflict to come.

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Manor Black #1

Jul 24, 2019

Crook, the artist, previously worked with Bunn on Harrow County and understands the task of building a suspenseful story. He shades the interiors of the Black family mansion in bleak hues to reinforce the idea of a family fading into irrelevance. His shadowing and loose line-work heighten the uncertainty as we follow the mage's encounter with Roman Black. The result is a fruitful collaboration between artist and writer that should continue through the miniseries.

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Marked (2019) #1

Oct 16, 2019

The back story to this coming-of-age comic will keep readers busy with epic battles, factions of magicians, and sinister cabals. The Marked are an ancient order with a history of battling occult forces that threaten humanity. Their last great struggle was during World War II, when they teamed up with the Mages and other mystical groups to defeat the Lords of Chaos. Upon their defeat, occult Nazi artifacts were allowed to fall into the hands of governments that have an eye on Saskia. In The Marked #1, Saskia's fate is also the fate of humanity.

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Once & Future #1

Aug 14, 2019

I also thought the artwork was enjoyable. Dan Moras (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) facial expressions add to the characters. Examples include the taut faces of grim nationalists or the astonished looks of Bridgettes unsuspecting grandson. He creates a sense of excitement in the action sequences, which involve a famous monster of medieval legend. Tamra Bonvillains (Rat Queens) selects a palette of pinks and blues to compliment the entertaining touch that Gillen puts on serious subjects of history, myth, and politics.

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Pretty Violent #1

Aug 21, 2019

Fans of violence for its own sake, and fans of animation hoping to feed their inner adolescent, will be pleased.

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Reaver #1

Jul 10, 2019

I recommend Reaver #1. It is a solid buy if you like grim fantasy with a touch of intrigue and humor.

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Retcon #1

May 13, 2019

Ret:Con is not perfect, but it is worth keeping your eye on. Take a break from predictable corporate comics and their over-hyped events, and check out this and other offerings from 133art Publishing here.

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Road of Bones #1

May 22, 2019

Artist Alex Cormak (Sink) skillfully brings to life the storys desperation and uncertainty. Strong line-work and visceral expressions remind us what happens to men who are confined too long without hope. The use of sharp black-white contrasts gives the camp a dark and sinister feel. The surrounding tundra, on the other hand, is vast and empty. Light purples and pinks set against this wasteland make us feel the chilling temperatures that the escapees will have to endure in order to survive their getaway.

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Stranger Things: Six #1

May 29, 2019

Stranger Things Six #1 is good fun for those already invested in the Stranger Things franchise. For the rest, it is an agreeable, though not particularly original, riff on the nostalgia horror genre.

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Trees: Three Fates #1

Sep 11, 2019

Trees: Three Fates #1 is versatile enough to compel longtime fans of the series while providing new readers with a jumping on point. And, it is a perfect way to get a taste of whats to come from the television adaption presently in production.

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