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Action Comics (2011) #9

May 3, 2012

If this doesnt become one of your favorite Grant Morrison stories, or one of your favorite Superman stories, Id be highly surprised. This issue definitely wont appeal to the Morrison-haters. But those of us who enjoy the mans craziness will get their moneys worth here. Action Comics #9 is a story I could read over and over again. I want more Obama Superman, dammit!

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Batman (2011) #7

Mar 22, 2012

Even though Grant Morrisons Batman Incorporated will be back in May, Im more excited about what Snyder has been doing and I know Im not the only one. The man has been on a massive role with Batman. I hope Scott Snyder stays on Batman for as long as Geoff Johns has been on Green Lantern. Just so long as the quality remains top notch, it seems like a no-brainer to me. All hail Scott Snyder, the new savior of comics!

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Demon Knights #8

Apr 12, 2012

Let me make it simple for ya, folks. If you like Game of Thrones or any kind of crazy story that plays around with medieval awesomeness"look no further than Demon Knights. It's obscure enough to be able to do its own thing without having to worry about the DC continuity too much, but it's tied into DC's mythology in such a way that makes its existence relevant to DC's New 52.

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Detective Comics (2011) #7

Mar 8, 2012

If this book would maintain its price point, Id keep it on my pull-list until Daniels story is over. I dont like leaving something mid-story, especially when I dont hate it. But lets be honest here…the only necessary Batman books to be reading right now are Batman, Batman & Robin and Batman Incorporated once it comes back in a couple of months. Tony Daniels Detective Comics is entertaining, but its not essential reading. In a world where comic book shops across the world have an entire row of Bat-books to choose from, Detective Comics just isnt worth the price right now.

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FF #17

Apr 26, 2012

Anyway, that was a bit of rant. I apologize. Regardless of my stance on the problems with this industry that we all love, if youre a F4 or a Spider-Man fan then youll have fun reading this issue. Just dont expect it to take up any more than 4 minutes of your time.

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Justice League (2011) #6

Feb 29, 2012

The funny thing is that I STILL want to love this book. Im looking forward to Gene Has 2-issue fill-in for Jim Lee. Honestly, I dont care if Lee ever comes back. The way this book is now, I dont see myself reading any more than 12 issues. Geoff Johns, you are on notice!!! Youve got 6 issues to prove to me that your inner fanboy hasnt been killed by corporate success. Wow me. You certainly arent doing it now. But what the hell do I know, right? This is the industrys top-selling book. Shame on us all.

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Saga #1

Mar 16, 2012

Creator-owned projects like this are something where I usually sample the first issue and decide if I'll follow in trade or not. Saga definitely has the makings to be added to my "trade pull list." However, I think Vaughn needs to reign it in with that over-the-top shit he's trying to pull with robot sex and shit-babies. I'm not saying there's something wrong with robot sex or that birth should be depicted as a clean, non-gross thing. All I'm saying is that some tact wouldn't hurt. Come on, Vaughn, stop trying so hard to be witty. Stick to what you're good at, and that's telling good stories with even better characters.

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