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Robin (1993) #180

Nov 27, 2008

Overall, the best way to describe this comic is as an illustration of balance: the characters develop, the story matters, the dialogue flows, and the cliffhanger requires a return to the next issue. Robin is an essential character to watch, not because he compliments the iconic figure of the dynamic duo, but because he still has room to grow.

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Amazing Spider-Man (1999) #577

Nov 18, 2008

All said and done, for collectors, buy the book. Why not? Youve stuck around thus far. Theres no point in breaking up the collection, and overall, its not bad enough to quit reading the book entirely. Just dont expect anything new from this day. Its the same old stuff.

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Trinity #23

Nov 10, 2008

Therein lays the root of the problem with this book. With the covers included, DC has slapped big named writers and artists together to concentrate on the moneymaking characters with a seemingly solely intent on selling a book. The insipid plot tumbles along while Bagley draws explosive scenes accompanying a second piece that does nothing to further the storyline. Trinity should speak for the love of the three greatest characters in the DC universe. Instead, Trinity refers to the number of dollars flushed week after week.

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