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Alex + Ada #1

Nov 6, 2013

To be brief, this issue did a good job of trying to make us invest in Alex dull life, and I can say I look forward for the next issue that is coming next month (o the wait). ALEX + ADA is a good first issue. Yes, it does start off simple. But the art and writing of Jonathan Luna and Sarah Vaughn make it more worth it to read. Along with connecting the characters with the readers, makes us wonder if our Grandmother thinks the way Alex's Grandmother does (Ewww).

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Marvel Now What? #1

Oct 25, 2013

Overall, Marvel Now What is worth the 3.99 price. I'm not going to lie I was hoping for 2.99 because it is not a main comic series. Althought after reading it, I really look forward in reading issue 2 and seeing what stories they're going to have for other Marvel characters . I have to say Marvel What Now is a must grab if you enjoy comedy and love Marvel. What are some parody that you like to see Skottie Young to do ? I have to say Iron Man comes to mind along with Hulk and Maybe some more X-men will be nice. Until next time Comic Readers!

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Nightwing (2011) Annual #1

Oct 31, 2013

Overall Nightwing Annual One, has some strengths that really overweight the weakness of the issues and that is from the amazing job that Kyle Higgins does with the chemistry between Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon have along with the flashback moment which was one of the best moment I enjoy the most. Shoot if I was DC, I would be willing to hired Kyle to pick up Barbara Gordon stand alone comic which they announce back in NYC comic con. Not many will like this issues if your a fan of Firefly, but if you either a fan of Batgirl or Robin you will let things slide like I'm doing now. But it doesn't change the grade that I would be giving it for. All I can say is, I'm looking forward for issues two and the writing that Kyle will bring to the first Robin boy along with maybe Batgirl in the near future. Make it happen DC !

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The Walking Dead #115

Oct 9, 2013

It was just a build issue but it was one of the better ones and the dialogue between everyone in this issues was really good along with the art of course.

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