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Black Cloud #1

Mar 29, 2017

BLACK CLOUD #1 explores the power of storytelling, dreams and imagination through Zelda, a revolutionary storyteller from another world, as she maneuvers through a chaotic narrative-deprived New York City.

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Ladycastle #1

Jan 25, 2017

LADYCASTLE #1 is an amazing and promising tale of the strongest kind of magic – female strength and camaraderie. It's the first of four issues to be released by Dawson and Woods, the next three likely to be as thrilling and beautiful as the first, with many, many more magical twists and turns guaranteed.

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Redneck #1

Apr 26, 2017

REDNECK is the story of The Bowmans, a Sulfur Springs family living on the edges of town, quietly minding their local barbecue joint. Their vampirism is something of a family secret. The family has survived on the blood of the cattle they use for their barbecues, with some members enjoying a paint-thinner cow blood cocktail on occasion. REDNECK #1 marks the beginning and the end of their life of solitude, for the worse.

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Rockstars #1

Nov 12, 2016

Stay up to date with Joe and Meganon their respective social media accounts. ROCKSTARS #1 comes out on December 14, 2016!

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