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In conclusion this comic is easily awarded the max of five stars, and I very highly recommend it to everyone who enjoys comics like Spawn, and The Walking Dead. But please be advised may not be suitable to children under 13 years of age.

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Overall a superb comic! I'd gladly read the following issues"This arc is a must read I highly recommend this to all ages of comic fans. Cudos to artist Freddie E. Williams II, and Jeremy Colwell, and writer Dennis Hopeless Hallum for a job well done, so yes it's a perfect 5/5"

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As the dark multiverse infection continues, DC's Year Of The Villain: The Infected Donna Troy: Deathbringer #1 provides readers with a solid read from start to finish!

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So, in conclusion its a comic worth checking out, but be warned it probably shouldnt be read by kids due to the fact that it promotes the use of prescription drugs. But if you like the older style comics than this is for you.

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So, in conclusion, X-Force # 1 is a solid comic. With some areas lacking, the story in itself is good but some of the lines are on the corny side. I can either read #2 or not, but I do give it the benefit of the doubt, and Im willing to keep reading Vol. 6 in the hopes that the writing picks up.

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