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Odd Squad #3

Nov 6, 2008

An absolute hilarious read. Pick this title up if you get the chance. A light hearted X-Files with a touch of an ABC sitcom. I hereby deem The Odd Squad worth the time of any turn of the mill comic reader.

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Punisher War Journal (2006) #24

Oct 21, 2008

With the exception of Stuart Clark, this comic has little to offer both Punisher and Secret Invasion readers. A mediocre spinoff with a dash of betrayal and revenge, this comic contains the same themes we see in every other Punisher storyline, leaving many readers with table scraps. Pick it up if you want but don't hold your breath for outstanding issue.

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The Walking Dead #53

Oct 20, 2008

Following the rules of the George Romero movies, The Walking Dead will continue to be the front runner for zombie comics out on the market. If you are a follower of the series, this is an outstanding issue! If you are new to the comic, you are in for a real treat. Kirkmans love and devotion for his characters will continue to be the life blood for this series and pave the way for a new hope in a genre that seems to be on its last breath.

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Zombie Tales: The War at Home #1

Oct 23, 2008

Remember kids, unsafe sex will lead to the walking dead! If Trojan condoms sponsored a Zombie Tales, you would get this unsatisfying comic. Avoid this issue like your would any STD.

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