Mister Miracle Collected
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Mister Miracle Collected

Writer: Tom King Artist: Mitch Gerads Publisher: DC Comics Hardcover: May 15, 2019, $34.99 Trade Paperback: February 13, 2019, $24.99 Issues: 12, Issue Reviews: 1178
9.2Critic Rating
8.8User Rating

The critically acclaimed 12-issue mini-series is collected. Scott Free is the greatest escape artist who ever lived. So great that he escaped Granny Goodness' gruesome orphanage and the dangers of Apokolips to travel across galaxies and set up a new life on Earth with his wife, the former Female Fury known as Big Barda. Using the stage alter ego of Mister Miracle, he has made a career for himself showing off his acrobatic escape techniques. He even caught the attention of the Justice League, which counted him among its ranks. You might say Scott Free has everything...so why isn't it enough? Mister Miracle has mastered every illusion, achieved more

  • 4.5
    Darkseid24 Feb 13, 2019

    As a long time fan of the New Gods I don’t really understand all the good reviews for Mister Miracle. The characters aren’t really in character& while you could excuse this happening to characters like Granny or Orion due to the outcome of the story you can’t excuse it with Scott. He’s acting and also looking like an alcohol addict& why you could argue, that he’s a broken character due to his past, he still never would let him go so much. He isn’t the kind of guy, who gives up like that as he does in this story. So it rather appears to me, that King forced this depression type of story on a character, he doesn’t really understand.
    Another problem is the bad dialogue, which is quite typical for King, if I look at his Batman run& HIC. The characters just pretty much sound all the same& are just babbling away.
    Storywise nothing really happens, except that actually it’s constantly said, that exciting things were happening like Darkseid getting the full Anti life Equation or Orion becoming the ruler of New Genesis. However nothing of this is shown to the reader or has any real impact on the story. We are just seeing Barda and Scott going from place A to place B& punching one guy& that’s really it. Walter Simonson told an exciting story about what could happen, if someone gains the Anti life Equation. The story here focuses rather on Scott being depressed for no reasons.
    I also hate how dumb Darkseid was portrayed here. I’m surprised he could still breath and wasn’t even too stupid for that. The „Darkseid Is“ lines didn’t change that& actually never made sense. They can’t keep up with old lines like „Die for Darkseid& he will live for you“.
    The only good thing here is, that the New Gods look like their Kirby version again, but doesn’t help much if their characters aren’t done justice.
    Many like the art, but I think Barda just looks too much of a guy here to enjoy any of the art. So I can’t recommend that, I would rather recommend Walter Simonson‘s Orion or John Byrne‘s Fourth World, which both really got Kirby’s New Gods right. It’s sad to see, that new readers don’t get an idea of how great the New Gods are with stories like this.

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  • 10
    Linkush Feb 17, 2019

    A modern classic.

    What can I say, this is my favorite series from 2018 and probably one of my favorites of all time. Everything in this series is fantastic. The writing, the art, the goddamn art. It's fantastic! Honestly, this series has it all and skipping it would be a shame no doubt. I can't really say a lot about it without going into spoilers so just go and get it, it's a masterpiece.

  • 10

    Seminal work. A complete deconstruction of the Mister Miracle that is great for people who have read every Mister Miracle volume and easily approachable for anyone else. Completely stands on it's own and if you like stories that dive a bit deeper into the human psyche, this story is for you.

  • 10
    MovieCanyon Oct 2, 2019

    Literal masterpiece. Thank god for Tom King.

  • 10
    Greg Hound Feb 13, 2019

  • 10
    Podcast Feb 19, 2019

  • 10
    Sergione May 14, 2019

  • 10
    Aren Jul 1, 2019

  • 9.5
    RolyPoly May 13, 2019

  • 9.0
    Maker May 15, 2019

  • 9.0
    Nico Santiago Jun 3, 2019

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    Adsun22 Feb 4, 2020

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    Críticas Crónicas Mar 27, 2020

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    JulianPope Jul 8, 2020

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    Dan Apr 4, 2020

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    Fer94 Aug 10, 2019

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