Nightwing: The Battle For Bludhavens Heart

Writer: Tom Taylor Artist: Bruno Redondo, Geraldo Borges Publisher: DC Comics Hardcover: June 28, 2023, $24.99 Trade Paperback: June 12, 2024, $16.99 Issues: 5, Issue Reviews: 341
9.1Critic Rating
8.9User Rating

With Dick Grayson under the protection of Nightwing and the Titans, Blockbuster's finding it difficult for his hit men to get Grayson...until Heartless comes in to offer Blockbuster a deal. Meanwhile, Blockbuster discovers who Grayson's mole in his mob is, and it all ends with a secret identity revealed and heart taken...and you'll have to read this to find out whose! This volume collects NIGHTWING #92-96.

Rating Collected Issues Reviews
Nightwing #92 16
Nightwing #93 14
Nightwing #94 14
Nightwing #95 13
Nightwing #96 15

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