Black Widow Vol. 3: Die By The Blade
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Black Widow Vol. 3: Die By The Blade

Writer: Kelly Thompson Artist: Rafael de Latorre Publisher: Marvel Comics Trade Paperback: May 25, 2022, $15.99 Issues: 5, Issue Reviews: 163
8.7Critic Rating
9.0User Rating

With Apogee in her rearview mirror, the Black Widow pushes forward once again with her plans to become the hero that San Francisco needs. But when an old source sends Natasha and her team looking for an enigmatic pair known only as the Twins, will they be friends or foes? Natasha knows no fear, but that all changes as she faces a threat from her past! Who could have such a hold over the Black Widow? You think you know the story of her time in Madripoor, but you never witnessed her greatest fight - or her most decisive defeat. The Living Blade is the one skeleton in Natasha's closet that she hoped she'd never encounter again - and this time, h more

Rating Collected Issues Reviews
Black Widow #11 5
Black Widow #12 8
Black Widow #13 7
Black Widow #14 7
Black Widow #15 6

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