Spider-Man: Bloodline
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Spider-Man: Bloodline

Writer: J. J. Abrams, Henry Abrams Artist: Sara Pichelli Publisher: Marvel Comics Trade Paperback: February 24, 2021, $17.99 Issues: 5, Issue Reviews: 179
4.4Critic Rating
1.0User Rating

J.J. Abrams, his son Henry Abrams and superstar artist Sara Pichelli spin a Spidey story unlike any other! When the horrific villain Cadaverous takes a huge bite out of Spider-Man's life, what will it mean for Peter Parker's family? What will it mean for...his son?! Years after a terrible tragedy, teenage Ben Parker is facing his own share of high school drama, from standing up to a bully to meeting the love of his life. But now Ben is about to find out that his dad was Spider-Man - and that the fiend who changed everything for their family is back...and out to get him! The Hollywood visionary who has left his indelible mark on the galaxies o more

Rating Collected Issues Reviews
Spider-Man #1 26
Spider-Man #2 12
Spider-Man #3 3
Spider-Man #4 2
Spider-Man #5 1

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